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S&M3: Please, an option to disable film grain!

posted by juandemarco on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
I've just started up the first episode of the new season and I've noticed the film grain. While it can be a nice effect, some people might want to be able to turn it off. I, for one, would like to have the option to disable it as it gives me really memorable headaches (I had the same problem with Mass Effect 1, my eyes tired almost immediately, as soon as I disabled it I could play with no problems whatsoever).
Apart from that the game looks great, but this filter makes it very very difficult for me to play it...
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  • Well, I haven't really tested the game at anything higher than 1680x1050, so I can't vouch for how it looks then, but I've tested back and forth with both the quality setting and the resolution, and I couldn't really see a difference in the intensity of the effect.
  • I'm unsure if i like it. I did get used to it in the end, but i would like the option to disable it, just to see how much of a difference it makes.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I vote for an option to disable it too. It is very noticeable at 1920x1200 Quality 9 on 24". It will probably be better when i lean back so it just blurs away, but then why put it there in the first place.

    It is probably one of these things many people just don't notice like flickering in cinemas, framerate and lip sync issues, and Audio or Video compression artifacts.

    That doesn't help people with sharper senses of course.
  • Once I was in the last 2 hours of the game I didn't notice the grain any more.
    The option to turn it off would be nice but I have seen far worse film grain effects
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    DjNDB Moderator
    The thing is: That kind of effect works for movies, because the image is moving most of the time and you don't focus as much on details because you are driven by the story and action.
    In Adventure games though you look really close at items on the screen to inspect them. Then it's just irritating to have an area where nothing happens with flickering pixels dancing around on it, because it distracts the eye from more interesting things.
  • I love the grain, it's one of my favourite things about the new season. I think a lot of other games would benefit from a similar effect to take off the 21st century sheen. However if it's possible (and not too time consuming) to add a disable option to future episodes it might be a good idea for those who can't get used to it for whatever reason.
  • I'd really like to hear from Telltale about this...
  • hmm, I didn't really have an issue with it when I was playing on my PS3...

    But when, out of curiosity, I downloaded the demo of the PC version.

    Wow... that actually REALLY gave me a headache. UNBEARABLE!

    I do intend to buy the PC version in the future for the DVD and would like an option to turn it off... or even better, have an option to lower it in intensity... I still want the awesome atmosphere it created in the PS3 port.
  • Options are always good, so this gets my vote.

    Same with more advanced options than just 1-9...
  • Is the effect worse or at least much stronger on some video cards? I find it very subtle on my system.
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