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Is just me, or does this sound like a good idea?

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I've been thinking about an episodic Telltale game based on real people, not as much as a fictional enviroment. Think of a game about the Beatles perhaps, or Nigahiga going about and solving a mystery rather than created charecters.
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  • avistew;291988 said:
    More seriously, I'd like it if there were some kind of mini-games with the telltale crew as characters. Would be a lot of fun.
    I like this idea. This could make for a fun time-filler between series (after this season of S&M is over and before the second season of TMI).
  • Reminds me of something I made a while back
  • Some people might take issue with their images being used and the negotiations would likely take longer than it would to make the game itself. Plus, the person portrayed would probably want some measure of creative control, which couldn't possibly end well in certain cases.

    Though Mr. T does have a habit of marketing himself out to cereal, comic books, cartoons, WoW...

    I guess someone might eventually decide to do it. I just can't imagine it being taken too seriously.
  • avistew;291979 said:
    Ooh, ooh, let's have a game about me, and I get to hang on the forums and talk to people, and I make sexual innuendos, most of which half of which some of which are unintended.
    Does your husband know what you're doing over here?

    Regarding the topic i tend to agree with Rather Dashing.
  • taumel;292268 said:
    Does your husband know what you're doing over here?
    He probably can guess. He married me, he knows what I'm like.
    He knows about the boob topic and the stalking for sure because we've talked about it, for the rest I can't remember what he specifically knows or not.
  • Sometimes people change...

    Anyway i wasn't about to criticize you, i just was curious and a little bit kidding.
  • Uh? I didn't think you were criticising me. I realised you were curious so I answered.

    I guess people can change, yes. But I've always been like that, as far as I can remember :p.
  • You're living in canada if i remember correctly. Which town are you living in?
  • Wait... Guybrush isn't a real person?!

    Great, now I have to write my history essay all over again.
  • taumel;292304 said:
    You're living in canada if i remember correctly. Which town are you living in?
    I'm kind of hiding from my parents :p (Long story). If they knew the town they'd be able to find me in a notebook or something and, well probably show up at the doorstep or something.
    Since my brothers are big Monkey Island fans, the chance of them hanging around here is relatively high, and if my constantly sexual behaviour hasn't driven them off yet, they might read this and repeat it to them.

    So, as paranoid as that makes me, I'd rather not share the name of my town here. It's in Western Canada is all you need to know :p
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