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Way too dark (lightning related)

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Hey guys, chapter 4 seems cool but its way too dark to appreciate it and there aren't any controls in the settings panel to brighten things up quite a bit, wouldn’t like to mess with my monitor's settings since i have it configured for my work.

Is there a work around this darkness problem?
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  • It looked pretty dark on my monitor too but I decided to play it on my TV where it was much bigger and brighter.
  • Was fine on my 26 inch samsung.
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    Yes, you can mess with the gamma settings in your video card, but having a proper Gamma slider inside the game can't hurt and should be easy enough to implement.

    At least the major issue TTG games had (not having all system resolutions available) has been finally fixed at last! (from ToMI episode 2 onwards).
  • guitarsareboring;225383 said:
    It looked pretty dark on my monitor too but I decided to play it on my TV where it was much bigger and brighter.
    onlyamonkey;225483 said:
    Was fine on my 26 inch samsung.
    Well, I think its just to do with the lighting in the room where you have your computer. For me, I'm in a room that's mixed between light and dark, so the screen will always be fine, no matter what time of the day I'm playing, although with chapter 4, nighttime is the best time to play, not just for mood, but to get the best lighting possible.
  • I think the fourth chapter was supposed to be a little darker to make puzzle solving (finding items) more difficult, but that's a guess.
    Funnily enough, I even turned my graphic card's gamma settings a little lower so some corners in the game were hardly visible - I liked that, added a little more mystery to the chapter. :)
  • I also had issues with the total lack of lightning in Chapter 4. I mean, c'mon!
  • My monitor is just dark in general, but that is just because my monitor is a really bad acer something, I have to turn the lighting all the way up to 100, when its normally at 80, to see what happens. But I am soon going to get a 24' widescreen from Samsung, which I hope is brighter. But I just can't wait till I get to play ToMI on a widescreen :)
  • Chapter 4 was fine for me; chapter 5 had some dark areas that weren't all that easy to see. I put it down to my LCD screen though; Monkey Island's not the first game I've had this trouble with. (even changing the brightness and contrast doesn't do my screen a lot of good)
  • TMI is to dark bring back the light
  • I could barely see Chapter 4, and most of the chapters are too dark. Though it's worse for me in MacOS than in Windows.

    A gamma option would be way appreciated.
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