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Episode 6 is out for Season 1 customers!

posted by Gaz on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
Check your Find my Order page ;)

(Sorry if it's already common knowledge but I couldn't see any mention of it on the forum)
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  • Jake;29493 said:
    (Emails haven't gone out yet ... it's up on the Find My Order page, but please know that until the episode is formally announced and emails go out, you're downloading at your own risk :) )
    Heh. You make it sound that it's dangerous downloading Episod-*bang*
  • A premature thanks alot from me to all of you who made this happen! Also, thanks a bunch to Jared for the out of this world music on the moon.
  • YES! I am a happy happy person. All the weeks of watching Godzilla: Final Wars continuously until my mind had become so incredibly numb that the thought of looking at spoilers wouldn't cross my mind have paid off! Thank you, gigantic rubber monster suit, and a BIG thanks to you, TellTale!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Emails should be on their way out soon. Of course, you won't get your email immediately since there are zillions of them, but the server should start belching messages your way in the next few minutes.

  • Order #51681xxxxx | Placed April 12, 2007 Re-download
    Sam & Max: Reality 2.0

    Order #50324xxxxx | Placed March 8, 2007 Re-download
    Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die

    Order #49548xxxxx | Placed February 16, 2007 Re-download
    Sam & Max: The Mole, The Mob and the Meatball

    Order #48176xxxxx | Placed January 9, 2007 Re-download
    Sam & Max: Situation: Comedy

    Order #46881xxxxx | Placed November 6, 2006 Re-download
    Sam & Max: Culture Shock
    Boohoohooo!!! :-((
  • You just made my day! Thanks. :)


    Only problem is that I've now been robbed of the game anticipation thread, those things were fun.
  • Wow, I just come on to check the Telltale page and MSN tells me I got an email. I check the email, and sure enough, it's out for us season 1 customers :D I've still to finish Reality 2.0 though, I got it a couple days ago (hehe, forgot all about the games ^^; )
  • Hooray!! 3 days early!! Thanks Telltale!!

    (mmmm !!)
  • Having downloaded the game 3 hours before the email I was going to skip it but thank Hugh Bliss I didn't...

    "What about the disc for Season 1 customers? We’ll fill you in on all the details later this week. Keep an eye on the Telltale Blog for the scoop! Also, when the disc is ready to be ordered, we’ll send you an email which looks surprisingly, suspiciously similar to this one! Stay tuned, it’s close!"
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