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Funniest moments - Bright side of the moon

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this is a dual purpose thread....... what are your favorite moments from bright side of the moon, and from season one as a whole (including the machinima shorts)

i superballs return is my favorite part of episode 6, but the cops return rates righ as well........

and my favorite shorts were interrogation and artichoke

but episodes 4 and 5 are still my favorites...... due to the political, and video game culture humor

episode 6 seemed to lack a theme..... they touched on the space program, cults, big buissness, but no overall theme....... i think that is why i did not kike it as much as a whole

but without a doubt, episode 6 has some of the best humor of the entire season....

Sam: "Ramdom but innocus comment"
Max: "Unrelated reply that hints at mental instability"
Sam: "you crack me up little buddy"
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  • Oh, it's satirical all right.

    It's satirizing Scientology and magic.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Maratanos;29550 said:
    Oh, it's satirical all right.

    It's satirizing Scientology and magic.
    As well as the space program, theme parks, and a ton of other stuff. Sam & Max wouldn't be Sam & Max without satire. This episode just seemed to have a lot broader humour scope than the others - and for some reason a lot of people didn't like it as much because of it. I personally, liked it better because the humour was so broad.
  • Let's see.... where do I begin...

    The fact that Max left his foot print over the first footprint on the moon was a LOL moment.

    Bosco actually saying "yes" to items you could have used in previous episodes and Max flipping out about them.

    Hugh Bliss's "what?" replies when you are looking at all the stuff in his inner sanctum.

    The final battle was just plan fun to watch over and over and over no matter how bad I was stuck. It was probably the least frustrating road block I've had in the game simply because of how they composed each shot.

    And that beautiful credit sequence....:D

    I'm playing it again just to hear the lines I was laughing over!
  • The comments S&M make after you beat Tic-Tac-Doom echoing the complaints of the first few episodes.
  • "I always thought Rush was the Queen of Canada." Man, that had me in stitches.
    And "It's like an HMO."

    I know we've all been itching for some edgier humor, but I was really surprised at the Jonestown crack. Nearly a thousand people died. I laughed, but I felt bad about it.
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    The DeSoto with the Canadian logo, eh? :D
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