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Countdown to episode 2

posted by aHartzell Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 10.3K users
Hi, all. This is Andy Hartzell, writer and lead designer for episode two of "The Devil's Playhouse." As you can see from my pitiful post history, I haven't properly acquired the forum habit yet. But I promise to visit regularly for at least the next month or two.

So let's see...what can I tell you about the upcoming installment? You know it's called "The Tomb of Sammun-Mak", and you've guessed that it involves the mysterious objects that were revealed in the final moments of "The Penal Zone". I can tell you that it's going to be a big episode and a twisty one, a tale that ranges widely in time and space. Like episode 1, this one throws a few new ingredients into the Telltale stew, but the flavor of this one is a bit different. Less oregano, more...cumin. And clove.

There, is that enigmatic enough? Please feel free to post any questions or speculations you may have, and I promise to respond promptly with cryptic non-answers.
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  • Will Max get those powers that he could use during the prelude of episode 1(Shapeshifting and mindreading) I noticed skunkape still had them when he went into the Penal Zone but im not sure if he let go of them.
  • will we enter the office?
  • What are the new toys? Will you ever be able to drive?
  • Hi Andy, great to hear from you! Just a couple of questions:

    Penal Zone was heavily influenced by 70s sci-fi. Will episode 2 follow in the same style or is it influenced by another movie genre?

    You say: 'a tale that ranges widely in time and space'. I hear: 'we're going to ancient Egypt'. Does this make me a fool?

    If you had some weird 'accident' which caused you to turn into some sort of aquatic being which caused you to create your own fake body, what would you make your body out of?

    When people look back on this season in a few months, what will be the reason they will choose the second episode as their favorite out of the lot? What makes this episode better than anything created by Telltale before or after?

    What is the mystery of Scoggings?
  • @tjibbe: If you pay attention in The Penal Zone, there's a billboard (I forget where) about scoggins. I think Scoggins might have something to do with S&M, but I'm not sure. I'm going to play again right now though and try to "analyze" that billboard.
  • Tjibbbe;295595 said:
    If you had some weird 'accident' which caused you to turn into some sort of aquatic being which caused you to create your own fake body, what would you make your body out of?
    Rubber trees. Wouldn't we all?

    Do we get to trash the dino? Do we get to trash the dino? :D
    (No offense to Nikasaur...)
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Hello, Andy!

    You say this episode is a "twisty one"... do you mean twisty like a mobius strip (one-sided and without end), twisty like the North Yungas Road (notoriously dangerous, use at your own risk), or twisty like the Cygnus Loop Nebula (ethereally beautiful and awe-inspiring)?
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    aHartzell Telltale Alumni
    Yarbskoo: None of the scenes in the trailer are lifted directly from episode 2. But those scenes that don't come from episode 1 are constructed with elements from episode 2 (along with maybe a few from episode 3).

    MarkoH01: I wouldn't expect to see controls like the ability to turn off the film-grain effect, at least not in episode 2. The art director likes it, and he wants you to like it too. Personally I dig it...I think it adds texture (and is particularly appropriate for episode 2). But the fans have ultimate veto power. Organize a big enough protest against film grain and we will reconsider.

    tbm1986: Episode two isn't built around a "main villain" in quite the same way as episode 1. But yes, you'll meet the "funny-looking bloke".

    Gman 5852: You'll get a couple new Toys of Power to play with in episode 2. Not necessarily the same toys you got a taste of in Act 1 of "penal zone" (though you haven't seen the last of THOSE powers either...)

    Highway and Mathman: Didn't you get your fill of that in season 2?


    A. Episode 2 marks a definite (temporary) departure from the 70's sci-fi vibe of Episode 1. It riffs on at least three other genres...points for guessing which ones.

    B. I'd never call you a fool. Your conclusion is a logical one, but not necessarily correct.

    C. Seeing as how I'm an aquatic being, I guess I'd go for a jellyfish-type body, one that's permeable and practically invisible and can swallow up unsuspecting passers-by.

    D. I do predict that episode 2 will be some people's favorite...(and I guess inevitably it will be some people's least favorite). I've already indicated that it's a big episode, and it's definitely not the easiest to puzzle through...I would expect it to be most popular among serious gamers and fans of complicated nonlinear stories. At the same time, I think it's got some of the funniest voice acting in the series so far.

    E. You mean "Scoggins".

    puzzlebox: You describe mobius strip as if it's a bad thing.
  • Hey Andy, nice to meet you, and thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

    In the Penal Zone, many people felt that Future Vision gave away too much and made the various puzzles spoilerish and highly unchallenging. Most people would already know the solution to puzzles after looking at everything in an area with FV.
    Is FV still going to be used in episode 2 and if so, will it be toned down?
    Would the focus of FV be the comical aspect (jokes and funny cutscenes) or to keep it as a major tool for puzzle-solving?
  • Harder episode, huh? Hoo boy, and I had enough trouble with episode 1...
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