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  • Yes, I'm having trouble getting Sybil's phone into the sewer so I can get to the left passage on the other side of the river.

    Nothing's happening above (except for Sam suggesting we go underground). I've been to the ship and planted the homing beacon. Is there supposed to be something to trigger Skunkape's assault on S&M from the ship?
  • Sybil's phone is almost in the right place, it's just in the wrong...altitude. Perhaps you could..."persuade" Skunkape to do some moving for you?
  • I understand that Sybil's phone needs to go down into the sewer, and I'm guessing that Skunkape's ship's weapons are supposed to help by enlarging the crack in the street. That fits with the visions of the future Max has seen.

    Unfortunately, the ship is off somewhere else in the city. I can go aboard by teleporting to Stinky's phone but all I can do is comment on Skunkape, have Stinky tell us to figure it out or give Skunkape a bullet massage that he ignores (by using Sam's gun on him). Teleporting back to Sybil's phone just takes me to a very quiet Straight & Narrow street corner. The only items I have are the portable portal maker, Sam's gun and some (now) useless evidence items.

    I know I'm close and and I appreciate the help but I seem to be missing an important step.
  • Oh. You should have Skunkape chasing you at Straight & Narrow after you've gotten the rift maker from Boscotech (you did pick that up right?)
    If you have done all that, then all I can think of is that it's some sort of bug.
  • Yep, I've got the portable rift maker. Uh oh. My previous save was from Act II. Well, I was planning to play through more than once anyway. I'll head over to support and see if they want to look at the save file.

  • Odd.
    Did you try teleporting to Stinky's and going outside?
  • Yes. Nothing happened. I went back to my Act II save and when I got to that point, everything went normally. Skunkape's ship appeared when I got near the entrance to the sewer, but nothing happens in my broken save. I'm not sure if I picked up the portable rift generator right away in the first game, so that may have been related.
  • Well I'm glad you figured it out. I'd suggest reporting the bug and hopefully it'll be fixed in a future patch.
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