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Flash bug on Linux

posted by bigtopfrank on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
just thought i'd give mention to the fact that the member login boxes for the telltale site do not work on linux. by do not work i mean, they are not visible at all! i'm running kubuntu with firefox, i checked it with the native konquerer browser, and it's the same again.

it may have something to do with the fact that the flash plug for linux is versioned at 7, whereas the windows plug is currently at 9.

it's no matter . . . i had to get the internet going on my windows pc to activate my games anyway! so i just logged in then. just thought i'd let you know!
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  • i may have solved my own problem . . .

    after doing some searching, there is a beta of the v9 flash plugin for linux. i haven't tried it yet, but it may fix this problem. i may post the outcome when i get a chance to test it!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    We're overlaying html over the top of a Flash movie to get the login box to work, and while that has been supported functionality for a long time at this point, I don't necesarilly know how Flash 7 would handle such a thing. It should be repsecting its z index (what layer it draws on) as specified in the html, putting it beneath the html containing the login box, but earlier versions of Flash might insist on drawing on top of everything.
  • i did actually install the flash 9 beta on my system, but it didn't help. :(

    it may just be a linux issue with flash. i might keep toying round, if i can find a fix, i'll post it.
  • yay!!! i've fixed it . . . thanks for your explanation, jake, as soon as you told me how it was done, i figured it out.

    basically, there's a firefox add-on called 'flashblock'. i figured if it could block the flash, the html code would be visible. and it is!

    only thing is though, people who prefer to have flash always turned on may benefit from disabling the plugin and only enabling it when they want to login to the telltale site!

    if anyone else is looking for the plug, check here:
  • FYI, Flash 9 for Linux is no longer beta. Sadly it is not much more stable than Flash 7, and you'll need to kill FireFox a lot when viewing flash pages.

    P.S. using flash on a website that doesn't need it is a horrible design choice.
  • I am also affected by this bug. It's quite annoying that I can't log into the forums when I'm in linux because someone decided to z-index normal HTML on top of a static flash document.

    Is there any particular reason why the title bar navigation thing has to be flash? It doesn't animate, and as far as I can tell the only reason it is flash is to keep me from logging into the site when I'm in linux. :P

    That aside, I love the site. :)
  • the solution for me, was to install IEs 4 Linux in linux, and visit the site using IE5.5 or IE6 :)

    In fact, that's where I am right now.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Fix coming soonish. Sorry for the time being, Linux guys! :(
  • I still have problems with the banner in linux :( any chance that bumping this thread may speed up things a bit?
  • Yeah, I really gotta wonder why the heck you're using flash for the navbar, because it's so... UNNECESSARY.

    Use a darned image map and get done with it. The reason you should be using flash is to create dynamic content, not a bunch of static links. That's like using Inform (a programming language for making text adventures) to make a Tetris game.
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