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Season 2 plot/Episode Titles Speculation Thread

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I don't know at this point a main plot but maybe Episode 1 will be around the War in the Dakotas.

Any thoughts?

Unresolved things (That I remember):
1. US/Lower Saskatchewan
2. War at the Dakotas
3. US Presidency/Max impeachments
4. Possible vacations :D
5. Abe/Sybil :p
6. Flint???
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  • I still think it's going to have something to do with time travel. Hopefully, TellTale takes my suggestion to have it culminate in an episode where they have to travel back to the '70s to stop the villain from assassinating Steve Purcell and causing reality to be destroyed as a result.
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    It has begun...

    :p :D
  • It's way, way too early to make an educated guess. Even they wouldn't have a clue what it's going to be about. But, with all the requests for Flint to appear, I'm sure he will be a main character.

    Other then that, we can of course look forward to some very politically incorrect material as always. ;)
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    Jennifer Moderator
    My guess: Max does something borderline psychotic, and Sam makes a sarcastic remark.
  • Time travel. How about this: Max goes back 200 years in the past while Sam goes forward 200 years and get enslaved by, say, tentacles.

    Or they go back to 03-03-04 and undo some wrong ...
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    barchetta;29599 said:
    Or they go back to 03-03-04 and undo some wrong ...

    I'd love to see that, but I fear that if they succeed, that would cause a paradox and S&M Season 1 would vanish from existance. And since Season 1 do not exist they wouldn't be able to go back to 03-03-04:rolleyes:

    Oh, I forgot another few *unsolved issues*
    7. Florida demoted to territory
    8. The Internet was destroyed (hmmm, maybe that's why recovering Max's lost password is that expensive)
    9. Purcell attacked by two-headed monkey.
  • I vote for an overall plot of a small group of zombies trying to whipe the slate clean of their stereotypical image by trying to do things un-zombie-like, only to be crushed at every turn due to their strange obsession with the ever-so delicious and wonderful food products found at Bosco's, which coincidently taste and smell like human brains.

    It's like the Gaico Cavemen thing, only sillier and with an avenue for more violence.
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