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  • I say omg, that's teh most politically incorrect thing I've seen in a very long time! And it's really not funny enough to compensate imo; the joke runs out of steam pretty early and after that it's mostly just very unsettling to look at.
  • Wow, that must have taken a while to put together. The only thing I didn't really like was the voice, but other than that, great satirical film.
  • Wow, Funny and scary... :D
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    Nosferatu and Reefer Madness!

    The ending made my mouth drop.
  • I don't think it's funny, I think it's sick.
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    AdamG;29187 said:
    I don't think it's funny, I think it's sick.
    Kingsley;29145 said:

    The humorless ought to bear in mind.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I'll admit that I was afraid of the topic when I first saw it and avoided it at first.

    Though, now that I've seen it - it's a very humorous satire. But, having said that, I agree with Haggis - the narrator really needs to be replaced. The voice sounded forced, and the emphasis on some of the phrases did not come out well.

    For those who are unaware of this form of humour, satire is a "criticism of an event, an individual or a group in a clever manner". The video is criticizing the general American political view of Mexico, not condoning it. Much like South Park with the whole "dey tuk oor jerbs!" episode.
  • South Park is satire? I don't know what to say... OMG!

  • I love satire stuff like adult swim's "Minoriteam." Too bad they cancelled that show, but man it is funny for pointing out the ridiculus stereotypes of minorities in american television.
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