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Odd (and hilarious) Penal Zone graphical glitch

posted by Yadda on - last edited - Viewed by 317 users
I think this speaks for itself...


Basically, at the point where Sam & Max were in the Penal Zone, Sam at one point flung Max upward, as is usual for when they overlap in an area... And Max 'landed' in midair and stayed there until I switched to Max mode and back (since this seems to place Sam & Max in default positions).

Thought you guys'd get a kick out of it.
(click for full size, I guess)
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  • Didn't consider it a glitch, but now I'm curious as to whether it is or not. Telltale?
  • Yeah, thought it was intentional too (and the bug is he drops down if you wait around for a while)...
  • I punched him there, too. But he didn't get stuck for me. He just walked down again.
    It didn't occur to me that this could be a glitch at all. That particular room has no floor, so there is no reason why everyone should stand in the same height either, I guess.
  • Well actually, I considered the purple part on the bottom the 'floor.' So, eh.
  • I don't think it's a glitch, because when you enter Max's head he's standing up there anyway, since if you look about you can tell cause Sam is lower than you.
  • Am I the only who got Sam stuck up there right after teleporting to that zone? Seriously, it did happen. I was scared as sh*t because it looked like I'd have to restart from the last save but thankfully Max vision solved the problem.
  • I assumed it was deliberate. It's really obvious, so I'm sure it would've been noticed when the game was tested.
    Sausy Gibbon;295854 said:
    I wouldn't make sense if it were a glitch, you can see Sam is looking up at him not looking straight ahead.
    I assumed that Sam was programmed to make eye contact with Max when he speaks to him, not matter where Max's eyes are.
  • I assumed it was obvious, too. :P
  • I bet he unlocked the Toy of Levitation and didn't bother to tell Sam, or the fans. Which is a shame because I always wanted to make Max fly...
  • Maybe it's like that screw-up in Half-Life 2: Episode One, where there was an animation glitch in one of the scripted scenes, but they left it in because everyone thought it was deliberate, and it added to the scene in a positive way. Or something like that.
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