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We are SO hiring!

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Haven't heard the news? Sheesh, we've only been saying it everywhere. If you've ever wanted to work for Telltale, now is the time, because we're hiring! A wealth of undiscovered joys await you in lovely Northern California, as you can share philosophical views on video games with your favorite Telltalers over lunch, or play Contra after hours in the meeting room.

You may even hear Mike Stemmle singing.

Think you got what it takes? Head over to our jobs site and show us whatcha got!

We are mainly looking for applicants within the U.S. but all resumes will be looked at.
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  • I donated blood a few times but then I went to Canada and wasn't allowed to donate blood anymore for a year, then I had anemia and wasn't allowed to donate, now I've move to Canada so I can't donate because I was in France...

    It's a bit frustrating, not being able to, but of course they have their reasons.

    I'd never though of donating a kidney before. The thought scares me but it's appealing at the same time. I can't right now, either way (since I can't even donate blood).

    EDIT: I took a look at what live donations are possible. My sources say you can donate a kidney, part of your liver, pancreas or intestine and a lobe of a lung.

    Given my respiratory problems, I'd say giving part of one of my lungs is probably out. As far as kidneys go, I'd need to talk it through with my dad (he's a nephrologist) which I guess means I need to talk to him again :p. But I'd be a bit worried of doing it too early, as the remaining kidney ends up having to do the work of both of them, which means a higher risk of kidney failure as you age if you donate early. But he'd tell me how much at risk I am I guess.
    I suppose my mom could help me on the pancreas issue, being an endocrinologist and all, but I think I'll try and look it up without having to contact her.
    The intestine thing confuses me a bit. I'm not sure how you can donate part of it. I guess a section, and then it's shorter?

    The liver one still feels like my favoured option at this time. Not only do I have all reasons to believe my liver is perfectly healthy, but it would regenerate. Which actually makes me wonder if you can donate several times.
    Kidney would probably be high on the list too, but I know some of my dad's patients donated a kidney and then ended up with kidney problems partially due to having only one kidney left. So I guess I'd be more cautious with this one.

    I wonder if you can donate several organs at the same time.

    And of course I'd need to know if it would be covered and stuff. I probably couldn't afford it otherwise. That might mean waiting until I'm covered in Canada.

    @Will I'd be really interested in your friend's testimony/report and stuff to get some idea of what that would be like.

    RE-EDIT: Oh, by the way, you can donate your blood, your plasma or your bone marrow, too.
  • secret fawful;294799 said:
    a golf game is a strange place to go. Do you have involuntary overactive bladder issues, andy?
    Not since ADAM, I haven't! Bladder issues have cleared right up!
  • Andrew Ryan;294797 said:
    Look, the best way to go is during a pleasant game of golf.
    Secret Fawful;294799 said:
    A golf game is a strange place to go. Do you have involuntary overactive bladder issues, Andy?
    Andrew Ryan;294871 said:
    Not since ADAM, I haven't! Bladder issues have cleared right up!
    Well, if the problem ever crops up again, Mr. Ryan, might I suggest investing in a Uroclub?
  • If anyone's got a spare heart, I'll take it. I've been waiting months already. :(

  • What species are you looking for?
  • I have several fish hearts, if that helps.
  • And does it need to come in one of these?
  • I have searched countless forums and even checked the TF2 website, but I cant find anything that helped. I know many of you play TF2(heck telltale plays every day at noon) so can someone PLEASE HELP ME.
  • What's the matter?
  • Junaid;294535 said:
    How about European interns :D?
    They've actually already got European interns.
    But if they need dutch interns, TAKE US!
    Junaid and me are like the übermenschen of the Netherlands! We're great at everything that's needed at Telltale!
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