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Season 3: PS3 vs PC. Which is Better?

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I'm all set to go ahead and buy the latest season of Sam & Max games (actually, I'll have the money for it tomorrow, but that's a minor technicality), but I'm curious as to which platform to purchase them on. I'd prefer to be able to play the games on my television as I could with Seasons 1 and 2, but I'd also like the games to run well. Season 1 ran fairly well on the Wii with only the occasional animation animation bugs that I'd expected from a PC-to-Wii port, but Season 2 is so full of choppy animation and lags that make playing it (especially during the mini-game sequences) nearly impossible. In the case of the second season, I'll just stick with my PC copy despite how much I'd prefer it on the television.

So then, that brings me back to my question. How well does Season 3 run on the PS3 so far? Mind you, I don't need perfection, just a smooth game experience. If it's full of as many bugs and glitches as Season 2 on the Wii, I'll just pick up the PC version. So help me out here, gang! What do you have to say on the matter?
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  • *raises hand* Played The Penal Zone on Mac, PC, and PS3. (Yeah, long story.)

    Under normal circumstances, I would recommend playing with the computer hooked up to the TV. But otherwise ...

    Other than some lag in areas like Straight & Narrow -- or any environment with a number of things going on in the background at once, really -- the PS3 version plays rather smoothly. In fact, I'd say it's loads better than the Season 1 Wii port, which I also played. You'll notice some audio glitches in the first act, but those seem to exist across all platforms and are pretty minor compared to the dialogue clipping from seasons past. The PS3 controls work nicely as well.

    In this case, the PS3 might be the way to go.
  • Well I can't speak for the PS3 performance-wise, I've only played it on the PC and it runs great for me. Also, if you buy the PS3 version sure you get an extra psychic power, but us PC-customers have been promised "something even cooler", whatever that may be :)
  • Those are not audio glitches, those are extremely poor machine gun SFX.

    Yeah, I hate 'em too...
  • Hassat Hunter;297926 said:
    Those are not audio glitches, those are extremely poor machine gun SFX.
    D'oh! Yeah, Hassat's right. I'd forgotten this was explained elsewhere.
  • I have the PS3 version, the graphics look great and is nice controlling Sam & Max with the gamepad.

    You also get a secret superpower when you finish the game; trophies, which give more replayability, and a nice price tag (I bought it at 21.99 Euro).

    Keep in mind that if you buy the PS3 version, you don't get the DVD.
  • Hmmm... The PS3 option is sounding like my best bet here.
  • Another thing: the PS3 version has no real compromises in terms of graphics. So, for example, you won't get the downgrading of certain textures to lower resolutions like in the Wii ports.
  • Ps3: After hearing about other Telltale console ports I was a bit worried, but the PS3 version runs smoothly. I had no problems at all. The game plays fantastically with a controller. Looks great on a big TV. Easy choice for me!
  • I watched people playing it on a PS3, solved it on a PC and played around on the Mac.

    PC is the winner due to that i don't like to play such type of games with a controller, which means no PS3 and because the graphics were too slow and offered less convincing AA on da Mac.
  • The PS3 has FAR better controls than the PC/Mac versions. Although, loading screens are a little longer...
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