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  • According to this interview with Bosco's voice actor, Bosco isn't needed for Season 3.
  • *reads interview while eating lunch*

    What?!?! Noooooo!!! :mad:

    What an epic misjudgement on TT's part.......

    How awful.

    They better do something incredible to make up for Bosco's absense.
  • I don't know if he's going to be there, but I'm glad they didn't re-use all characters. The major side characters from Season 1 AND 2 not being as overly present in Season 3 seems to be a good thing to me. Some less important characters and characters who appeared in Season 2 are enough for me.

    They might appear later, but they pretty much appeared in every single episode up till now so it's nice to have time away from them I feel.
  • I'm kinda happy to gets some time away from Bosco and Sybil. I think after two seasons in the spotlight they need some time away. Though I'll admit, things are a lot less lively without Abe. Though the sewer sculpture helps a little.
  • Sybil, Abe, no problem!

    Philo Pennyworth... sure why not.

    Soda poppers, I think we're all on the same page.

    Blaster Master, I'll cope..

    Jimmy Two Teeth... I'll miss him but I'll deal with it...

    But Bosco?! BOSCO?!?!? Come on... seriously... not cool.
  • Bringing back characters for the hell of it is a huge mistep. Remember The Phantom Menace?

    I mean, hell, I'd have liked to see the gorilla-man from Sam and Max Hit the Road again, but where does he fit? Even if TTG did manage to bring him back, how does he serve the story?

    Please stop asking for characters to return for the hell of it. Unless the purpose you need for a puzzle or story can only be served by a pre-existing character, introduce a new one (or redesign your puzzle and story). But don't bring back people for the sake of it!

    I can debate this with you for days.
  • Fair enough but what about Superball? He's still here, is it absolutely necesarry? No.

    My point is just if the character is fun to have around and is generally well recieved by fans why take that away? To better serve the story?

    I'm just genuinely dissapointed, him being my favorite character other than Sam an Max.

    Hey where'd u go? I'll take your silence as an "I agree with you kind sir, good day." :D heh just kidding.
  • Catfish33;298546 said:
    Fair enough but what about Superball? He's still here, is it absolutely necesarry? No.
    Call me crazy, but I liked agent Superball more than Bosco.

    silence for more than 20 mins =/= not there anymore
  • That's cool man to each thier own. I don't dislike him.

    lol it was just funny because he said "I can debate this with you for days" and then leaves. : D
  • I'm guessing since the Two Teeth family are apparently missing as well then it probably all boils down to: they couldn't afford Joey Camen anymore... In which case I would say sorry that happened TT but I still feel the same way.
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