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Monkey Island, but with PONIES!

posted by Jen Kollic on - last edited - Viewed by 8.1K users
Well, since I've already made Kirby versions of Guybrush, Elaine and Morgan, I could only think of one thing that could top that kind of crossover. A crossover with REAL BRUSHABLE HAIR! You know, like just about every single girl's toyline of the 1980s. Speaking of girl's toylines from the 80s, I recently got a load of vintage My Little Ponies (which were all in terrible condition just in case there's any angry collectors out there!) off eBay for me to experiment on, because I wanted to try my hand at customising My Little Ponies. You know, for science and junk.

Without further ado, meet Guinea Pony #1:

A pirate, eh? Well, that can be arranged... with some acetone, a scalpel and a scalping. Because the Three Trials are for PEOPLE, not ponies.

Oh, it's much too late for that Pony!Guybrush. Much, much too late...

Scrubbing, scalping and otherwise preparing the ponies for customisation takes a while, so you can amuse yourself by using the disembodied heads to freak out your flatmates. That's what I did anyway.

The teal pony head on the right may or may not be related to the Monkey Island/My Little Pony project. Or I might just put it in my flatmate's bed while he's asleep.

Next, sculpting!



I'm using Milliput epoxy putty to sculpt the outfit, unfortunately this means I have to do it in stages. I'm hoping to finish it tonight, so there should be more pics later.
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