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Awesome mom, stuffed Max (lots of pictures)

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My mother is awesome.

About two weeks ago, I showed my mother Avistew's stuffed Max. Knowing she crochets from time to time, I jokingly asked if she could make something like that, entirely expecting her to say she didn't have time for that or didn't want to, since she's only vaguely aware of Sam & Max. To my surprise, she said "I don't know, but I could try". I asked if she was serious, and she was. Woo!

So she bought thread, and I looked up and made screenshots of Max from all possible sides as reference pictures. She started working on the different body parts when she had time, expecting it to take at least a month.

But there we were this morning, not two weeks since she started, with all the parts done:
You can already see the basic shape here.
The pink circles are the ones Max has at the bottom of his feet.

Along with cotton, my mother had also bought a big bag of stuffing, so she got to work on filling out the different parts. When they were stuffed she added the pink in the ears and on the bottom of the feet:

Then, all that remained was sewing the different parts together
and adding a face.
The mouth was the hardest part to add. It's hard to show the edge of the mouth, since the most obvious choice, white, doesn't show at all. So she settled for pink.

Max was nice enough to pose:

Though it wasn't long until he started acting, well, Max-like:
But that does show he also has a tail.

You can imagine why I wanted to brag here about this :)
I know I could've posted this in the 'Fan Art' thread, but I thought it deserved its own topic.

Also, Max says 'hi':
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