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S&M 301- Skunkape not attacking, stuck

posted by Cone of Tragety on - last edited - Viewed by 266 users
I am in Act IV of S&M 3x01. I have the portable rift generator that I need to use with the office building. I've attached the homing beacon (again) to Skunkape. At this point, I need to get Sybil's boxes into the sewer set, but Skunkape is not attacking in the street above. The street in front of the office is very quiet.

This started in a hint thread over here because I thought I was missing something.

Is there a way to proceed from here or am I stuck? I'm not exactly sure what steps I took to get into this situation, but I did mess around on Skunkape's ship a lot, including shooting at him.

I can attach or email the save file if needed.
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  • Walk into the street where Sybil's used to be. Skun'ka'pe will attack at that point.
  • Nothing happens when I go over by where the ship landed or by where the sewer entrance is. I walked the entire perimeter of the set and nothing happens. I've walked in and out of Stinky's. When I played through from an earlier save, Skunkape appeared when Sam approached the sewer entrance, but nothing happens in this save.
  • In that case, I recommend that you post your save file here, so that the team can figure out what went wrong and possibly prevent that from happening ever again.
  • Unfortunately, as a zip attachment it's 144kb, and apparently the limit is 95k.
  • Cone of Tragety;298767 said:
    Unfortunately, as a zip attachment it's 144kb, and apparently the limit is 95k.
    You could always upload it somewhere like and post the link to it here...

    np: The Fall - Weather Report 2 (Your Future Our Clutter)
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