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Books: a literary discussion

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So I've been eying and lusting after a nook and its fancy new 1.3 firmware even though I know I can't afford one. And all that looking at something meant to read books made me think about...BOOKS.

Let's talk about books. Anybody read anything recent that was really good? Have an obscure old favorite?

Where do you read books? When do you read them? What books do you read? How do you read books?

Etc and so forth.

If it involves books, say it. I'd like some good recommendations on recently published books and currently running ongoing series, too.

My favorite book of all time is Dumas's "Count of Monte Cristo"(or at least the unabridged English translation), though I of course love the geek standbys as well(Hitchhiker's Guide, Neuromancer, Slaughterhouse-Five, Snow Crash, et all). I also have Star Wars books as somewhat of a guilty pleasure.

Also, this isn't the thread about pictures of boobs. There shouldn't be pictures of boobs in this thread.

...unless it's a picture of a book that just HAPPENS to contain boobs. Because then it's absolutely on-topic and worthy of discussion.



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  • I want to add that the Yotsuba&! suggestion by Will is a great one. I also recommend it. I keep meaning to start a Murakami book but keep not wanting to put the money out to buy one. Because I spend too much money on manga and classical books.

    Speaking of manga.



    20th Century Boys Naoki Urasawa are must reads. Great characters, great plots that keep you guessing, great development, and great emotional impact are key in his stories.
  • Oh, Urasawa has a new series? I liked Monster and I loved 20th/21st Century Boys (prefer the French covers though).
    I'll take a look at that... Astro Boy spinoff/cover/thingie.
  • It's not a spinoff, but more of a mature retelling. Astro Boy/Atom isn't the main character, he's part of the supporting cast in this story. The main character is a European android detective named Gesicht.
  • my fav mangas are Sailor Moon Ghost in the shell Death Note and verious Yaoi XD
  • Well, my mainstay of books are probably my 108 volumes of Perry Rhodan silver-cover issues, which are collections of the weekly novels - which are currently at issue #2541; yes, it's probably the world's most successful science fiction book series ever... :D

    Then there's a lot (but not all) of Terry Pratchett's books, some novels by Greg Bear, William Gibson and Neal Stephenson (still haven't started reading Cryptonomicon - do I have to hand in my geek card now?). I've also read (and enjoyed) the first nine "Southern Vampire Mysteries" (aka "True Blood") books by Charlaine Harris and am waiting for the tenth to be released...

    There's print versions of a few webcomics: Wapsi Square, Girls With Slingshots, Beaver & Steve, The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats and Simon's Cat (okay, not a webcomic...).

    And to top it all off, there's oodles of manga: all 40 volumes of 3x3 Eyes, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tenjo Tenge, Battle Angel Alita/BAA Last Order, most of Masamune Shirow's works, Gunsmith Cats, Hyper Police (highly recommended), Hellsing, Gunslinger Girl, Mahoromatic, Read Or Die, Chobits, ...

    That's where the DVDs start coming in and making the space on my shelves less and less by the week... :(

    np: Murs & 9th Wonder - The Lick (ft. Verbs) (Fornever)
  • Some great books that I've recently read are the Oracle Triology by Catherine Fisher, and the biggest book I've ever read in my life Pillars of the Earth by Ken Fowlett. That's a good book. A BIG good book! I also have the entire of the Jeeves and Wooster collection by Wodehouse. He's good.

    I have wanted an E-book reader for ages now, and have been holding a secret hope that they'll release E-book reader software for the DS. All the E-readers I've ever looked at are just too big. I want it to be pocket size. Perhaps a bit bigger than an I-phone and for E-books only. I think I'm being to choosy.
  • jeeno0142;298628 said:
    I have wanted an E-book reader for ages now, and have been holding a secret hope that they'll release E-book reader software for the DS. All the E-readers I've ever looked at are just too big. I want it to be pocket size. Perhaps a bit bigger than an I-phone and for E-books only. I think I'm being to choosy.
    There are Palms and stuff with e-book readability. My mp3 player can read e-books too.
    Of course they're not e-books only, but neither would be the DS.
    There is a DS game that has classics on it, by the way. Of course you can't choose your own books and add them.

    I've personally been hoping they're release a double-page ebook reader for a while. It would be much better for reading sequential art, and even some novels, and much easier to hold, I feel. Plus this way you can close it and protect the screens even if you don't have a "cover" for it.
  • I like E-books for the convenience of not having to go to the library or the bookstore, but I prefer to also own a hard copy of books that I enjoy, simply because I like turning actual pages. Kindle seems a bit impersonal that way. Also, your favorite author can't sign an E-book. They could sign whatever you read it on, but it just wouldn't be the same.
  • Oh, are we talking about Japanese comics, now? Because if we're going that route, Parasyte is my current love. It was published in the first half of the 90s, but until recently it hasn't had a decent English release in the US. Del-Rey's manga division, which otherwise is a HORRIBLE selection of series, has done an amazing job with Parasyte. The release is based off the excellent Kanzenban books, nice binding and paper all around, and they're larger volumes than Viz's usual tankobon-based releases. The translation notes in the back, talking about all "iffy" areas or just interesting aspects of the translation are an extremely nice touch, and I still like having my Japanese comics contain the original sound effects(especially since they're often a part of the art of the page itself).

    Anyway, it's a really good sci-fi story. It was published in Afternoon, so none of the usual Shonen/Shojo nonsense. The series revolves around parasites that jump into people's bodies and can change the shape of the body part they take over. Generally they go for the head, to take control of the brain. The alien parasites then walk around like normal people, except, you know...they eat people. The art gets really creative, especially for fights and such. It touches on some great and deep issues, and overall it's just a really good and well-realized story.
  • Hmmm.... my favorite manga would probably have to be FullMetal Alchemist. The art, the humor, the story are all so perfect. Also, I feel a special bond towards alchemy, what with being a biochemistry major and all.
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