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Season 3: PS3 vs PC. Which is Better?

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I'm all set to go ahead and buy the latest season of Sam & Max games (actually, I'll have the money for it tomorrow, but that's a minor technicality), but I'm curious as to which platform to purchase them on. I'd prefer to be able to play the games on my television as I could with Seasons 1 and 2, but I'd also like the games to run well. Season 1 ran fairly well on the Wii with only the occasional animation animation bugs that I'd expected from a PC-to-Wii port, but Season 2 is so full of choppy animation and lags that make playing it (especially during the mini-game sequences) nearly impossible. In the case of the second season, I'll just stick with my PC copy despite how much I'd prefer it on the television.

So then, that brings me back to my question. How well does Season 3 run on the PS3 so far? Mind you, I don't need perfection, just a smooth game experience. If it's full of as many bugs and glitches as Season 2 on the Wii, I'll just pick up the PC version. So help me out here, gang! What do you have to say on the matter?
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  • Well if you want you can just put your xbox 360 controller on the pc and you can play it with a controller on it.
  • Having played it on both I'd give a slight edge to the PS3, but if you prefer the mouse/keyboard over the controller setup (which is pretty damn near perfect IMO) and you have a setup the hardware to play it on PC (I have to give the nod to the PC on graphics, something about it just seems crisper or something) then I'd go that way.

    Edit: Because I like these:

    Graphics: PC
    Sound: Draw
    Controls: PS3 (or draw with a working PC gamepad; but that's my preference)
    Loading: PC
    Stability: Draw (Lean towards PS3 due varying on setup, though on mine I'd go PC)
    Features: PS3 (for now, the collector's disc might tip this already for some)
  • nulian;298423 said:
    Well if you want you can just put your xbox 360 controller on the pc and you can play it with a controller on it.
    This is what I did, struggled through Monkey Island using mouse/keyboard and gave up 10 minutes into the Penal Zone and just had to go out and buy a controller. Much better in my opinion.

    I'd probably simply recommend the PS3 version, although I like having all my games here on the Telltale site.. and do you miss out on the DVD, etc, by buying the PS3 version?
  • WinterSnowblind;298958 said: you miss out on the DVD, etc, by buying the PS3 version?
    As far as I know, yes, yes you do.
  • Also on PC right now you can get the Devil's Playhouse and Puzzle Agent for less than you'd pay for Devil's Playhouse alone on PS3.
  • the graphics on the ps3 were no match to the pc... On the Playstation I experienced jagged lines instead of the smooth outlining on my pc. A friend of mine experienced no such thing on his PS3, maybe this is because I have my PS3 connected to my pc screen, which has a 1680 x 1050 instead of the full hd 1920 x 1080 of my friends tv, and has to compress the graphics?
    The PC version (on a recent model with some cpu and gpu power) loads defenitely faster. which is more fun gameplay-wise.
  • While I havn't played the PS3 version, I do have a frame of reference from other adventure games on consoles.

    Graphics asside, as this is an adventure game, and we all know that, even if we were to go back to sprites we'd still play sam and max because they are a great game series. I personally vote for the PC for control. point and click over "wtf direction do i point to select that item" or "now why is he going down when i'm pushing up?!"..Fallout 3 and VATS mode do this to me all the time and i've had other consoles with games that play better with mice...mouses...i know the animal is mice, but with hardware is it mice, mouses, or what? anyway with a mouse, their better because you have more control over what your doing. not to mention you wear out your hardware less by point, click, relax and sip your soda while he walks over there.
  • Here is how I go for it.
    Does your PC suck(yes for me)
    Get PS3 version
    Do you own a PS3(no for me)
    get the PC version
    does your PC suck, and you dont have the PS3(me:()
    Then get the PC version and hope for the best(I was able to play at graphic settings 1, they were very choppy, but it played.)
  • I'd say PC, at least if you're still not over the adventure game nostalgia.
  • One thing to keep in mind for the PC version are the technical requirements. On my old PC, I often only got 20-30 FPS on level 9 graphics and 1920x1080 resolution. I recently got an Alienware Aurora ALX, and it runs around 60 FPS on those settings, but only just. While other games like L4D2 get 150 FPS on my new Alienware.
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