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Who owns the "Hit The Road" copyright?

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Who owns the legal copyright to "Sam and Max Hit The Road"? I'm asking because I want to politely ask whoever it is if they could put Hit The Road on Steam or some similar legal download service.
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  • LucasArts fully owns the rights to Hit the Road and any characters or locations created specifically for Hit the Road. Steve Purcell owns everything in the comics, though, so he can use(or give permission to use) any elements that showed up in the comics before Hit the Road came out.

    If you're hoping for a re-release or a special edition, that's all on LucasArts.
  • They can approach Steve Prucell if they were inclined to make a special edition. It's really up to the consumer. If people are buying the Special Editions of MI and MI2 when it's released they'd be more inclined to make DotT and SM:HtR and more of their old SCUMM games.
  • Right, a new agreement between LucasArts and Purcell would have to be licensed. Also I don't think we know whether Telltale's license to make Sam & Max games is exclusive or non-exclusive, but if they have exclusive rights then they would have to be involved in the licensing as well. Still wouldn't be too big an obstacle, since they're on "speaking terms" again, but my guess is that LucasArts will focus on other games first.
  • My bet is they would focus on their licenses that one, they own completely and two, made the most money to begin with.

    for Adventure games Full Throttle is the game that most fits that bill being a game they own and made them the most money out of all their adventure games...... at least before they started making Special Editions.
  • Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it also lost them the most money.
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