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display issue

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I have this weird problem where all these lines flicker on screen. I have this problem in some other games as well but not all of them, but it doesnt affect cut scenes. I have a radeon 9250 and i need help bad
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  • What are some of the other games it happens with? Also, what kind of monitor do you have?

    I'll mention this to our tech guys and see if anyone has an idea of what the problem could be.
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    Bone has the worst problem, but some other games are diablo 2, half life 2, knights of the old republic, rome total war, and battle for middle earth. I have a magview monitor.
  • Try running the game in Laptop Mode, and turning antialiasing off, and see if that fixes the problem.

    Also sounds like it could be an issue with the refresh rate of your display. Do you know how to change that?
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    Laptop mode and changing the refresh rate didn't help but i dont know how to turn off antialiasing.
  • Sorry -- in the options menu, change the graphics quality from High to Low.

    Since this is a problem you've had with other games, too, it could have something to do with your monitor. Do you have access to another monitor (maybe one from another computer in your house?) If you do, try plugging the computer into that monitor temporarily and see if the same problem occurs.
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