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Official Petition for the Sam Clones Musical Number

posted by questionthemajority on - last edited - Viewed by 596 users
In another thread, this one, to be precise, the question was raised as to whether or not we would get a big, splashy musical number this season as we did in seasons one and two. And, in answer to that, our own Randulf suggested what is quite possibly the greatest idea yet: "A cabaret with dozens of cloned Sams will be nice."

Ladies and gentlemen, we would be remiss if we let this brilliant idea go by without a second thought. Nay, I say we must make this concept known to the higher ups of Telltale Games and DEMAND that season three give us a Sam clones musical number! Who's with me?
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  • Vainamoinen;299818 said:
    I wanted a carefully planned story-arc spanning the entire season... guys just want chaos. :D :D :D
    You say that as though we can't have both. This IS Sam & Max we're talking about here.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    questionthemajority;299872 said:
    You say that as though we can't have both. This IS Sam & Max we're talking about here.
    I say let Majus do it.
  • Vainamoinen;299925 said:
    I say let Majus do it.
    That would be awesome in its own way. And far more plausible, unless through some serendipitous form of fandom telepathy coincidence, Telltale were already in the process of planning something akin to our request in-game. (Even better, Majus & Co. have already created one musically-themed short for Telltale. Hmm ... )

    Anyway, I wouldn't really be disappointed if the cloned Sam cabaret never happened, one way or another. It'd just be an amazing thing to see. Thus, my support. :)
  • Signed.
    Max: Oh,no! NOT ANOTHER STUPID MUSICAL NUMBER! Lemme at 'em, Sam!
    Sam: Not now, little buddy.
  • Signed. I really want to hear what they could come up with
  • I don't like this petition. I think Telltale should do with the game what they think fits.
    If they start putting every insane fan's idea into the game it would just become a collection of random stuff to please the fans.
    That being said, they should totally put the guy squashed between two buildings in there.

    I actually hope they have an intro that seems to be leading up to a Sam's Clones musical number and then cut it off. Just to smite the fans.
  • I think if they don't have a place for it in the game, they should release a video of The War Song with Superball's model replaced by Sam's.
  • Because they appear in 304...

  • Hassat Hunter;301044 said:
    Because they appear in 304...
    Says who?
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