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Keyboard controls

posted by Sir Primalform Magnifico on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
Ok, I think I must be missing something fundamental here because I can't work out how to use the keyboard controls properly.

The keyboard map has enter down as 'use' but I can't make it do anything because there don't seem to be any keys to select objects (which there are buttons for on the controller map).

I get that there are mouse controls, but I don't really like click to drag on my laptop's touchpad so I'd rather use keyboard controls. Can anyone help me?

EDIT: And I don't have my gamepad with me.
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  • Good idea, I'll look into getting a small one to keep with my laptop.
    So... does anyone know what the enter key is for?
  • There's an option in setting which pretty much tell to you the shortcuts for the game for the keyboard. I remember:

    Esc for go to the Main Menu
    Ctrl for go to the last screen selection (Like, if you are in the item selection screen, you go back to control Sam)
    Q or E are for either Max's Powers or the Inventory

    Those were the ones I used the most (Appart of the WASD), everything else I did it with the touch pad.
  • I already knew that, but thanks anyway.
    I'm just confused that the Enter key is 'use' when there's no key to select which item to use.
  • I just went I check and I think you can't navigate the inventory with the keyboard but you can navigate the Notebook with (mostly) no problems. Weird...

    Edit: Now I actually read where is your touchpad, you can also control Sam using the arrow keys. Have you trying become left handed and use the arrow keys with the right and the touchpad with the left hand?
  • I hope they map all of the controller buttons to keys on the keyboard in future, I must be the only person who really liked Grim Fandango's controls.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    BTW, is there actually the "show all objects for interaction" option available on PC via keyboard? I couldn't find it. Not that I really needed it...
  • Not as far as I can tell. I studied the keyboard map pretty closely and there are loads of functions on the controller that aren't mapped to any keys.
  • Sir Primalform Magnifico;299652 said:
    I don't see people using the mouse to place the cursor over objects and then pressing enter, that would just be stupid.
    You might if your wrist was starting to hurt from clicking the mouse over and over. Y'know just from general mouse usage.
  • Surely you'd be using the same finger to press enter as you would have done to click?
  • No I'd be mousing with my right hand and using my left hand for all keyboard controls... Did that sometimes in ToMI.. Must be from playing too much WoW er something..
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