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I call shenanigans on the "SECRET"

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Thats right.... what I think is that the "Secret" was and always was intended to be that the giant monkey head (second biggest) opens and leads to a labyrinth to which you can navigate (if you can get ahead in navigation) your way to hell...

I also think that LeChuck found this probably with the aid of the locals... or died, ended up in hell,.... made a deal with the Devil, and or escaped on his own finding his way through the underworld, and out of the monkey head.... as a ghost.

THAT is what I believe the secret is... and it WAS pretty much revealed in the very first game.... I just think people didn't quite get that, that was the secret and Ron either thought it was too embarrassing that people didn't understand that was supposed to be the secret or he just figured it was more fun to let people think there was indeed a different secret and didn't correct people..

So what are your thoughts? shenanigans? Or there is still a secret that we have not been shown?

Either way I am emailing Myth busters to get on this myth..
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