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The lost episodes

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Im a huge purcell fan but never happened to tape the sam & max show myself .Used to watch it alot though hehe. Anyway after buying the 3 vhs set there are quite a few episodes missing and I would really love to complete my collection if its possible.
Please please let me know if anyone knows where to obtain those lost episodes

6 "The Friend for Life" November 1, 1997
9 "A Glitch in Time" November 1, 1997 . . .
12 "Christmas Bloody Christmas" December 20, 1997
13 "It's Dangly Deever Time" February 6, 1998 . . .
15 "The Glazed McGuffin Affair" February 13, 1998 . . .
18 "Tonight We Love" February 13, 1998 . . .
22 "Fools Die on Friday"
24 "The Final Episode" April 25, 1998 . . .

I think that covers it. These were aired but never made and sold to the public But should be! Please please let me know how I can attain them to complete the collection!
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  • Maratanos;29826 said:
    Fools die on Friday is too on GameTap... ;)

    Check again.
    I still have the Archive open from before, and I'm not seeing it.
  • Maybe I'm wrong...

    That's odd though. I know I saw Fools die on Friday being advertised as airing on GameTap TV...
  • Is there any other way to get these other than gametap and what format is the media in... Also anyone know how I can host a small wmv of the max paper bag puppet craft time? Its 60 seconds and would be an awesome upload. Luighann Lemme know about these episodes!
  • I've had no luck trying to pull videos off GameTap, they're streaming. Your best bet is to find one of those screencap programs that could let you record it off your own screen...
  • Yeah, all of those episodes are on Gametap. I remember watching those. Back before my wonderful Satellite internet ISP decided to enact their "fair usage policy" and restrict me to 175Mb a day. Which is less then dialup, I might add.
  • Sigh again I loathe gametap, the point is to get the shows to add to my collection. Not to watch them off some host or have to authenticate the file each time I play it. Sigh there has to be a better way to get the episodes. I know they are floating out there on full dvd somewhere and I really dont mind buying them.

    If anyone has any luck let me know
  • Hmmm, if they are out there on DVD you'll find it somewhere in here;
  • Maratanos;29832 said:
    Maybe I'm wrong...

    That's odd though. I know I saw Fools die on Friday being advertised as airing on GameTap TV...
    I think you are correct. I saw it too and was wondering what happened to that episode. I inquired about it in another post and Emily said Gametap decided not to air it due to content. :(
  • Did emily say how we can get these videos? Or if something is coming out in the future? Seems such a shame to get rid of any sam & max stuff.

  • I'm pretty sure it will eventually be released. Possibly sooner than later.
    I have most of the episodes burned to a dvd but they're nowhere near dvd quality.
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