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Monkey Island on PS3?

posted by Marscaleb on - last edited - Viewed by 5.2K users
I for one would like to see this game on the PS3.
I would like it on the PS3 more than I would for the PC or Wii.

But I am just one voice. What about the others here?
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  • thin029;163679 said:
    You know, GozzoMan is a Wii fanboy, you'll probably not change his mind.
    But... LOL!!! :D
    hansschmucker;163669 said:

    Edit: The problem is that yes, I'm seeing things a bit from a sales perspective. Both due to the fact that I actually am a programmer (although not a console programmer) and therefore generally on the "producing" side
    I'm a software developer too :) And I take pride in satisfying, or at least give honest value to, end users... even at the cost of coming at short ends with my own sellers sometimes. ...To everyone his own role ;) "I'm a coder, Jim!" :D

    I'm abruptly required in Darned Reality! More on the topic next time, folks! ;)
  • VoodooLoL;162329 said:
    i could be wrong now, ...EMI was the first/last monkey episode that was using that kind of controls, and at the same time, it was the first/last (not so sure here about the "last") available for console and in that case, for play station...
    There was a very poor port of the Secret of Monkey Island to the Sega CD. I never played it, but I read a well-composed review, and feel no reason to doubt what it told me.
  • How about Monkey Island FOR EVERY SYSTEM EVER! MI on the Atari 2600, the iPod, the PS3, the Apple Newton, The Zune, my coffee maker, my Gameboy, the Dreamcast, etc.
  • That would be nice, but we were talking about mainstream gaming systems here. Although I'd probably really consider a Gameboy (DS... or whatever it's current incarnation is called) release.
  • Tacobob;165414 said:
    How about Monkey Island FOR EVERY SYSTEM EVER! MI on the Atari 2600, the iPod, the PS3, the Apple Newton, The Zune, my coffee maker, my Gameboy, the Dreamcast, etc.
    I need one for my toaster too.
  • hansschmucker;163580 said:
    Well, to be fair some models (mine for example) do have PS2 backwards compatibility and all have PS1 compatibility.

    I really think that there's a strategy behind this, but I think we won't really ever find a reliable answer confirming or denying that theory.

    Edit: nice post BTW.
    The compatibility strategy was to include it first and then it was the first thing to be removed due to cost reduction.
    Have in mind the original US 60 GB model had a full blown ps2 in it doing the emulation lifting. But it might be possible that Sony again readds the emulation on the software side, the design of the PS2 is not so far off to the one of the PS2. The biggest problem of emulating the PS2 however is its design, which means two processors which have to be kept in sync by the software basically doing everything.
    So doing a decent PS2 emulator is really hard.
  • I love to have it for the ps3, and i dont belive in any console wars, they just at the moment aim att diffrent customers maybe not something they want but that is what it is at the moment.
    Ps3 today is something mainly bought by us a little bit older but we also grew up with these games therefore i am sure that if it is put up on psn then they will make a profit from it how big one can never tell, i for one would buy it and me and my wife would have a splendid time in the soffa infront of it.
    Yours sincerly
    Torbjörn, sweden
  • I have a PS3 and a PC and I'm trying to get my pc only for work and PS3 for gaming. So if the game come on PS3, I'll buy it to play with my girlfriend.
    I do prefer having the game on a disc, but I'll buy Sam&Max anyway on PSN.

    Just want to say that I come here from seeing Sam&Max 3 announced on PS3. I've downloaded the video trailer and was excited to show it to my girlfriend... I was looking to get the first one on PS3, but they are built only for PC or Wii and I won't buy a Wii and play on PC.

    I think a good part of PS3 owners are those who play a decade ago on PC. They bought the PS3 not only because it's a gaming platform but because it can combine a great multimedia player. Maybe they aren't playing a lot, but if you get in theirs souvenirs, they'll buy it for them and their children just like they are buying those old cartoon series on DVD.

    Thank you for the initiative!
  • I will only play ToMI on PS3
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