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Monkey Island on PS3?

posted by Marscaleb on - last edited - Viewed by 5K users
I for one would like to see this game on the PS3.
I would like it on the PS3 more than I would for the PC or Wii.

But I am just one voice. What about the others here?
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  • I will only play ToMI on PS3
  • Got anything against XBLA? I'd prefer it on there, really.
  • MusicallyInspired;300246 said:
    Got anything against XBLA?
    Not at all, I just don't (nor want to) own a 360.
  • I was referring to the OP. Xbox could have been included in the poll. At least as a slash alternative. Like PS3/XBox for every option that had "PS3".
  • Well this was some bump, any chance of it coming to PS3? With SMI SE and MI2 SE coming to PSN as well as Sam & Max Season 3 on PSN, what are the chances of TMI appearing?
  • I voted for the pc, when games comes out for multiple platforms/consoles I always choose PC if that option is available.

    I like playing games for the PS, Xboks and Wii, but that is only games that only comes out for them, like Spyro or Ratchet and Clank.
    But as I don't own an Xboks I can't really play on it :p

    But I will always choose the PC as the 1'st option, because I just think graphics and performance will always be better, but that is just my personal opinion :)
  • I have alway been a fan of Point and Click adventures since I was 12 years. Monkey Island is my Favorite adventure!!!

    Now a days I don't spend as much time playing games as in the past and when I do play, it is on the PS3.

    Also because I already sit behind a PC from 8:00 to 18:00 for my job!!

    The last couple of months I have been following the news of the development of The Special editions of Monkey island 1 and 2 for PSN!!
    I have never bought anything from PSN, but this will change the second these games are in the Playstation store!!

    If "Tales of Monkey Island" would also appear on PS3 I would definately buy all 5 episodes!!!! I would prefer for them to be available on disc for PS3, but If they come available on PSN, I will buy them straight away!!

    I really hope TTG will release this for Playstation users!!!
  • I'll grab this, as soon as it hits Europe psn.
  • I am very exited about Sam and Max on psn and I would love to see this game comming to PSN, the ps3 sure can use some good adventure games.
  • Would love it for ps3! Will even buy it twice to get it there!
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