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What are your thoughts?

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From what what we know so far, of course. I kind of think that the game looks a bit like Layton, but others have refuted this. I like the idea of this being a pilot, and a season will follow if succesful.
P.S. First origanal thread in this forum made by a non-telltalian! WOO!
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  • I'm excited. The bits I've seen are like Fargo and, according to a friend, Twin Peaks (never seen it). I honestly got a Dashiell Hammett/Yiddish Policemen's Union vibe off of it. I know that's weird, but that's what I got. And I couldn't help but think of Blood Simple.

    All in all, I don't care what it is as long as it's good. Stoked!
  • I think the title is stupid.

    The Layton games are some of the best DS games out there, but the storyline is ridiculous every time. The plot is explained by making the entire population robots, or the whole last 6 hours of the game were actually a hallucination caused by some random gas they inhaled, and the third one has time travel and immortality, so I'm expecting something random.

    I haven't seen any gameplay clips, but the art style and the music look and sound great. I love the atmosphere that I've seen, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm intrigued about the gameplay, but I'm also a little cautious. Layton covered most of the basic brainteasers, there aren't that many common puzzles left that layton hasn't already covered. But Telltale are smart, they know what they're doing, and I have confidence that this game will be awesome!

    Even though the title is silly.
  • In a brief interview with Kotaku Mark Darin told them exactly what I was hoping to hear from someone official:
    While the Tethers gameplay style may seem close to that of the Nintendo and Level 5 Layton games, Darin believes that a distinguishing factor will be the integration of the puzzles into the fiction. "We're really trying to hard to make sure all the puzzles you encounter in the world feel connected," he said. "Sometimes Professor Layton has a disconnect between the puzzles and the world. We're trying to close that gap as much as possible."
    With that, this game has just moved into instant preorder for me.
  • First my more general thoughts as I understand this has been announced as part of a pilot program for original IPs:

    Great news. I've been clamouring for Telltale to have a go at an original IP since the second season of Sam and Max began. Pilots are a great idea as well as it means they wont waste their time churning out a series that doesn't quite capture the imagination.

    Hopefully they stick with the more comedic route although it would be quite interesting to see what they come up with if they try for a more serious feel. Personally I think their games will suffer if they do (in my mind they are better at witty one liners and clever puzzles than crafting a gripping plot) but I'd quite happily be proved wrong.


    As for the announced game - I love dark comedy so if it pulls it off it could be fantastic. The art style isn't entirely my cup of milk (it's well drawn and by no means ugly, this is just a subjective opinion on my part) but I'll happily look past it if there is some good comedy and puzzles and a half decent story.

    Colour me optimistic.
  • The 4th May will be here soon and then they'll tell us more and maybe even allow us to pre order... Or is that a little too hopeful?
  • I think they're more than capable of making gripping plots. One of the most important elements of making a great plot is creating characters the audience cares about, and they've done that time and time again. Mark Darin is no stranger to the (ridiculous) Noir/detective genre, either.
  • I think I'll be sitting this one out. It's just not my style; nothing about it, from graphics design to gameplay. Story might be good, though. I don't know, it just feels like step back for Telltale. I know it's way too early to really judge that, so it's only a personal feeling. As things evolve, I might change my mind.
  • The Mystery of Scoggins sounds fine and mysterious. Puzzle Agent sounds displaced and boring but as long as the game is good...still, awful name. It's like you know a wonderful woman but with a name like Gertrud, i mean...
  • taumel;300238 said:
    The Mystery of Scoggins sounds fine and mysterious. Puzzle Agent sounds displaced and boring but as long as the game is good...still, awful name. It's like you know a wonderful woman but with a name like Gertrud, i mean...

    Considering the name of this section of the board is called: "Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent", I'm betting that will be the name, not just "Puzzle Agent."

    Also, since this is a pilot, the name would be something that can be used in an ongoing series. I could very well see "The Mystery of Scoggins" being the subtitle, like this:

    [center]Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent
    The Mystery of Scoggins
  • The Nelson Tethers doesn't make it any better, nor does the colon. :O)
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