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What are your thoughts?

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From what what we know so far, of course. I kind of think that the game looks a bit like Layton, but others have refuted this. I like the idea of this being a pilot, and a season will follow if succesful.
P.S. First origanal thread in this forum made by a non-telltalian! WOO!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    I have to say I'm not a fan of the name either. "Puzzle Agent" is too generic, too prosaic. I'm still thinking of this game as "Scoggins" because that name sticks in the mind, it's something unique that piques interest.

    I hope that if this picked up for a full season, they'll find a better name.
  • [center]Nelson Tethers
    The Mystery of Scoggins[/center]
  • I like "Puzzle Agent". It's clear and simple, and it gets the nature of the game out at a glance for any customers that are just glancing at it in a store rather than obsessing over every morsel of information deigned ready for the public eye. Some might say that's boring, but some are stinky poo-heads.
  • Maybe i don't want it clear, simple and written right in front of my head in huge loud letters. Maybe i prefer a name which inspires my fantasy, where i have to think a bit more outside the box and where i can read something between the lines?!

    No, i'm with the UK diver on this one.
  • The Problem of the "Mystery of Scoggins" is the title is tied to an Event, instead of been tied of what to do. Puzzle Agent is tied, in a way, to Nelson. And Nelson can go to other places instead of only Scoggins.

    In a way, they are doing the title to become a Series instead of just a one shot. Which says a lot about those guys

    (By the way, I don't really like the name either, but I can understand why it's there. Appart, we become used to call it "The Mystery of Scoggins" and a change is always weird at first. If you still dislike the name after a month, we can talk about that. But now it's way too soon. In fact, I'm starting to become neutral about the name.)
  • I wonder why they picked the name Nelson Tethers anyway. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue like Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton or pretty much any well-known character with their name in their title.
  • Hey! I took like 3 months to say (with sound) Phoenix Wright! It's not like it's easy to say! (Natural Spanish. Ok).
  • And people think I dwell on minutia.
  • GinnyN;300280 said:
    a change is always weird at first.
    It's not really a change. It's more of a correction to what we assumed the title would be based on the teaser.

    I don't like the generic "Puzzle Agent," but I kind of like "Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent," mainly because of the way I hear it being announced in my head.
  • taumel;300278 said:
    No, i'm with the UK diver on this one.
    Now I think about it, Puzzlebox is from Australia.
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