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Funniest moments - Bright side of the moon

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this is a dual purpose thread....... what are your favorite moments from bright side of the moon, and from season one as a whole (including the machinima shorts)

i superballs return is my favorite part of episode 6, but the cops return rates righ as well........

and my favorite shorts were interrogation and artichoke

but episodes 4 and 5 are still my favorites...... due to the political, and video game culture humor

episode 6 seemed to lack a theme..... they touched on the space program, cults, big buissness, but no overall theme....... i think that is why i did not kike it as much as a whole

but without a doubt, episode 6 has some of the best humor of the entire season....

Sam: "Ramdom but innocus comment"
Max: "Unrelated reply that hints at mental instability"
Sam: "you crack me up little buddy"
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  • The Tick and Monkey Island references weren't exactly the funniest things in there...but I thought both were pretty awesome
  • what was the tick reference I missed that?

    Also when you get that talisman in the final scene..and Sam says "well not very challenging" or something haha!

    Man, the tick was an awesome show.

    And of course, there was MAx saying what I think we all had on our minds...

    Hugh: Hi, I'm Hugh Bli-
    Max: STOP SAYING THAT! *lunges*
  • Harrder...:p

    Shoot him, Max!:D
  • dangerzone you are the man!
  • yeah.... i thought i was tedious my first time through, but i missed a lot of funny things......

    one of my favorites was the second "hidden homage" to hit the road, when you can try to put the 100 trillion into the rat hole.....

    my other favorite was trying to throw jimmy out of the window again...... that one had me on the floor
    Sam: "Been there.... Done that"
  • I loved getting swallowed by gluttonous Max with Sam saying "Well, here we are inside Max's stomach."
  • Yeah but we really need a bit of Violence. Like in the old sam&max when they try to beat up Conroy Bumpes or what ever that is spelled :) Sam & max looks very cool when they get angry ARGGGG :D
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