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Corrupted Wish

posted by Maxilyah on - last edited - Viewed by 22.6K users
Here's a new game for you guys! It's called Corrupted Wish, and here's how it works:
The person above (that would be me, thank you) makes a wish, and then the next person tells how the wish goes wrong, and then makes their own, and so on. Please try to keep it appropriate, and don't argue. I'll start.

I wish I had a million dollars.
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  • I restore his memory, but only the ones involving you embarrassing yourself (buy some clothes)(please)

    I wish for someone to blank my memory of ^^^^^^^^^^^^this^^^^^^
  • granted, you no longer know the word 'this'. Have fun trying to fit in society.

    I wish I never see another spring as long as I live.
  • You feel a great pain in your eyes and blood drippling down your face. Oh dear, it seems you've gone blind. If only you had been more specific with your wish you might have avoided this predicament!

    I wish I could divide by zero.
  • Granted, you can now write x/0. but as that is still impossible to complete, you create a black hole.

    I wish I knew what the hell "this" means!
  • Granted, but your friends start calling you a "word nerd."

    I wish for a huge cookie
  • The giant cookie comes into existence, but it forms directly on top of you, crushing you under its immense weight.

    I wish the aliens would reveal themselves to Earth.
  • Wish already was granted, Aliens where revealed when Hollywood casted E.T. for a performance, the movie turned E.T into a sex symbol in his planet Xargeth in the galaxy Alpha Centauri. Too bad people still think he is a puppet.

    I wish i could have a proof of the fame E.T. reached in his planet Xargeth!
  • Granted, you now want to burn your eyes after seeing the Extra Transsexual's junk.

    I wish I now find that there are very good now, yes?
  • you get a quizzical look-what are you trying to ask for?
    I wish that having an inordinately large vocabulary didn't bug me.
  • It doesn't, but someone kills you for speaking with big words because it bugs them.

    I wish I didn't have venetian blinds
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