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Books: a literary discussion

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So I've been eying and lusting after a nook and its fancy new 1.3 firmware even though I know I can't afford one. And all that looking at something meant to read books made me think about...BOOKS.

Let's talk about books. Anybody read anything recent that was really good? Have an obscure old favorite?

Where do you read books? When do you read them? What books do you read? How do you read books?

Etc and so forth.

If it involves books, say it. I'd like some good recommendations on recently published books and currently running ongoing series, too.

My favorite book of all time is Dumas's "Count of Monte Cristo"(or at least the unabridged English translation), though I of course love the geek standbys as well(Hitchhiker's Guide, Neuromancer, Slaughterhouse-Five, Snow Crash, et all). I also have Star Wars books as somewhat of a guilty pleasure.

Also, this isn't the thread about pictures of boobs. There shouldn't be pictures of boobs in this thread.

...unless it's a picture of a book that just HAPPENS to contain boobs. Because then it's absolutely on-topic and worthy of discussion.



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  • Everything on that list looks good to me...except possibly Kama Sutra because my roommates would give me funny looks.

    Having said that, I'm really interested in reading The Picture of Dorian Grey, The Importance of Being Earnest, or Dracula. Since I haven't read any of those yet.
  • +1 for Dorian Grey. One of my favorite horror stories ever written.
  • I haven't seen the 100 top books list, but I hope Lord of the Rings is in there. The books are way better than the films. (Not implying that the films are bad, just saying the books are better).
  • I finished The Importance of Being Earnest and am reading some of Wilde's other plays because I liked it.

    I'm still up for Dorian Gray, Monte-Cristo, Dracula or Treasure Island.

    @Will: I looked into A Wild Sheep's Chase, they didn't have it in my library, so I looked elsewhere and found out it's the third book in a series, after Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball, 1973.
    I don't like starting series in the middle (or the end) but they also say the first two are much harder to find. What would you advise? Have you read the first two, and if so do you think it might be better to read them first? Or do you think I should start there even if it's the third book?
  • You can read A Wild Sheep Chase fine, Avistew, without having checked the others. I didn't know it was a sequel to anything till I read your post.
  • Yeah, the other two are short stories, not full books. You can pick up with Wild Sheep's Chase just fine. I actually read the books in reverse order, starting with Dance, Dance, Dance, and even that wasn't a problem.
  • If you guys pick Dracula I'll join in. A friend of mine has been bugging me to read it on Gutenberg since I praise the Bela Lugosi film and he wants to convince me all of the Dracula films are travesties against the book.
  • Some books I enjoyed so much my brain almost melted...

    George Saunders - In Persuasion Nation

    Jasper Fforde - Lost in a Good Book

    Shalom Auslander - Beware of God

    Terry Pratchett - Guards! Guards!

    George Orwell - Down and Out in Paris and London

    Douglas Coupland - Microserfs

    Andrew Holmes - Sleb

    Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar

    Malcolm Pryce - Aberystwyth Mon Amour
  • I like to read, and I mostly read when travelling or in bed before sleep.
    Sometimes I can sit and read for hours if the plot is really getting exciting.

    I have a lot of favorites so far, but it continues to expand.

    Skulduggery Pleasant.
    Night Angel Trilogy
    Shadow of the Apt series
    Artemis Fowl series
    Anything with Eoin Colfer (That man is a genius)

    Soon I will start on The Painted Man.

    I am also reading a Danish book translated The Devils Apprentice, in the book line called The Great Devil War, so far there is 3 books and I am waiting for number. 4 :)
  • VeronicanPlay;300633 said:
    Skulduggery Pleasant.
    Ah, yes... One of the few books that I picked up simply because of its cover. I have low resistance to books with a skull or flames on the cover and this had both...

    Pretty good book too:D
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