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Your favorite music from Monkey Island

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What is your favorite music from the Monkey Island series, and why? You can give your favorite from each game or out of all of them or both.
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  • I particularly like "Jazzy Voodoo in the Swamp" from Curse. Does anybody here know any artists that share this style of music? Because I love it, the twangy guitar tone, the bass line and prettymuch the whole cool, relaxed vibe of it. But unfortunately one 1:35 minute song isn't really enough to satisfy, so if anybody could recommend any artists or bands that sound like this, then please do so.
  • All the best themes came from the first game:

    Main Theme
    LeChuck Theme
    Voodoo Theme
    Guybrush and Elaine Theme

    The Scummbar Theme and Ghost Ship themes are great also.
  • Everything in CMI. Seriously, EVERYTHING. CMI wins the prize for best soundtrack and music quality in my opinion. Everything else since CMI pretty much sounds like it was all done on the computer as opposed to having live instruments. Anyway, I think my favorite of the CMI songs would have to be Tarred and Feathered. (at least it was originally called "Tarred and Feathered" when I first downloaded it. . now it's "The Sea Cucumber."

    HOWEVER, MI2 runs a very close second in the soundtrack department. My favorites from MI2 are Woodtick's theme, and the part of the crypt where you bring Rapp Scallion back to life (near the end of the MP3)

    Although I really don't like EMI, I did like this song, the one where you're on the clifftop on Monkey Island hurling boulders, ie: Boulder Machinery.

    The one song I really loved from ToMI was in Chapter 5--it was the song that played when you stepped into the jungle clearing with the dead seagull. Seriously, I go there, pause the game and just sit there listening to the music for heady lengths of time. Sadly, there's no MP3 of it yet that I can find.

    Finally, let's see. . my favorite MI1 song is, typically, The Scumm Bar theme. :)
  • SMI - LeChuck's theme here is still my favorite rendition of the theme. I also liked the SCUMM BAR theme.

    LCR - I can't easily pick a favorite from this game. It's my favorite video game soundtrack of all time, but I'll give standout mentions to the Diving theme, Woodtick, Captain Dread, Largo, Underground Tunnels, and the main theme.

    CMI - The main theme which is also my favorite rendition of the theme song ever, A Pirate I was Meant to Be, Sea Cucumber, Falling off the Cliff, Rollercoaster of Death, and several others I can't think of off the top of my head.

    EMI - None, really, since I haven't finished the game yet.

    TMI - Crossroads, Human LeChuck, Diving, DeSinge, Flotsam, Club 41, and God LeChuck.
  • Oh, I have to say I also really liked the rendition of Guybrush and Elaine's theme in ToMI, especially at the very end. It sounded a lot more dramatic and heartfelt. :)
  • Guybrush & Elaine's theme is actually the theme of the Sea Monkey from SMI. I was always confused why they used that theme for Guybrush and Elaine afterwards...
  • The Introduction music to SMI. So much nostalgia there, I can't help loving that twinkling sound in the beginning. Also, Guybrush and Elaine's theme from SMI. So sappy, but I love it anyway.

    I really like the Rhyming song from CMI that Haggis and the crew sings also.

    But honestly, all the music of games 1-3 and Tales is amazing. It is not easy to create catchy melodies, and yet there are so many here.
  • MI2 has my favourite music of all the games and I think my favourites are Kate Capsize/Diving Underwater, Governor Phatt and the music that plays during the largo-stabbing theme and through into the lechuck/voodoo lady mashup in the ensuing conversation.

    In MI1 I always had a soft spot for the Ghost Ship Shuffle, even though it was such a short loop, but the SE made it even better. By the way, what's with the MI1:SE soundtrack negativity in this thread? I know there was a lot of disagreement about the SE but I thought the brilliance of the soundtrack was at least something that the vast majority of people agreed on.

    Anyway, MI3's soundtrack is great but doesn't have any particular standouts in my mind. I guess the music during the finale and the various voodoo lady interior/exterior musics count.

    In MI4 I quite liked the the Palace of Prostheses and some of the Lucre Island stuff.

    In Tales all of the Chapter 5 music is definitely my favourite.
  • I have always thought that the Scabb Island Map was simply one of the best pieces of music in any game. Scabb Island Map I dunno it has a certain something that I did not find anywhere. And of course the tunnels of the ending of MI2!!!
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