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Pre-ordered yet?

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Just a poll to see how many people are interested in this game.
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  • Avistew;300583 said:
    So $110 before reduction? What did you buy?
    I haven't placed the order yet, but my cart CURRENTLY contains:

    Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent $9.95
    Tales of MI Art Portfolio $12.48
    Tales of MI Poster(signed) $9.98
    Secret of MI: Special Edition $4.98
    Tales of MI Voodoo Card Set $9.98
    S&M Surfin' Poster(signed) $9.98
    S&M Season 2 Case File(2) $5.95

    It all comes out to $63.28 after a $53.33 discount.
  • Rather Dashing;300714 said:

    It all comes out to $63.28 after a $53.33 discount.
    That's one hell of a discount isn't it!

    I've pre-ordered now! With the 50% off I got the SoMI and the Grickle book. With the books coming in next weekish it looks like I'll be getting this delivery sooner than the one I placed on the 15th March for the MI goodies!:D

    It'll prob still take a month or so to make its way down to me though...:(
  • jeeno0142;300720 said:
    That's one hell of a discount isn't it!
    It's about half the discount I got when Wallace and Gromit had this same deal. =P
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Instabuy for me. Plus I ransacked Telltale's store, which I now feel vaguely guilty about... it's almost like stealing.
  • I would buy now but I can't. Since I got Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse, I have to save for Monkey Island 2: Special Edition. :(
  • Would've been instant, but coupons don't work and I'm broke.
  • picked up the game but don't need any of the other stuff. There are only 2 things i can think off that i would really want A) A Sam and Max police badge and B) Some kind of Figurine/statue to do with MI (but better than the one lucasarts offer!).
  • Bought. :D Went a little crazy with the 50% off, too. :o

    Got the
    Monkey Island Poster (Signed)
    Monkey Island Drinking Vessel
    The Book of Grickle
    Sam and Max Buttons
  • I fell into temptation. I've preordered the game, along with Max's T-shirts and hat, the S&M season 2 case file, the shot glass, and Monkey Island's jar.
    I'm weak...
  • I will be getting it, when is unknown.
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