Who likes beer



  • I had someone get me some Fireball whiskey for me and I told them that If it was a better sale to get a bigger bottle, go on ahead. What a mistake that was, I have like 2 liters of it now and I don't know if I like the stuff yet.

  • It's important to remember that drinking alcohol causes a downward slope in composure. If you're angry or sad it exacerbates that, causing the people close to you to react more strongly to how you're feeling and possibly feel hurt by it, especially if they're under the influence too. You then have to deal with the aftermath of that lack of self-control when you're sober, and if you use alcohol to cope that can create a self destructive loop. Even getting drunk in good spirits can make you act inappropriately or lose coordination, which can cause people around you to react in disgust and start that chain of anger and sadness. It's like a feel-good mental ice rink except the ice could crack with too much trauma.

    I appreciate you guys; I want you all to be happy for the long term. Keep your spirits high but stay safe please.

  • So, Fireball doesn't burn as bad as I thought it would, but I probably won't get it again. Sweet cinnamon has never been something I liked.

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    Not me. I prefer hot chocolate. Local pubs do not sell it, though. Usually I drink at home.

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