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Corrupted Wish

posted by Maxilyah on - last edited - Viewed by 22.7K users
Here's a new game for you guys! It's called Corrupted Wish, and here's how it works:
The person above (that would be me, thank you) makes a wish, and then the next person tells how the wish goes wrong, and then makes their own, and so on. Please try to keep it appropriate, and don't argue. I'll start.

I wish I had a million dollars.
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  • granted, you are now ostracized by your community for not wanting to help those poor, blind Venetians,

    I wish the trampoline was gone.
  • Granted. The trampoline is gone. But not just that trampoline, every trampoline in the world is now gone, vanished into thin air. People who were currently using trampolines are puzzled and cannot comprehend what has occurred.

    I wish people in this thread would stop making silly wishes.
  • Granted people start making even sillier wishes! Causing you to drink Tylenol every each time u enter to this thread.

    I wish the next poster below and me would have a relationship and live a happily ever after life!
  • Granted, but I'm pretty sure we're both men.

    I wish Everlast and I got a divorce
  • Granted, however Everlast got to keep the house, the car and all your copies of Sam & Max and Monkey Island. You now have nothing to play and you live out the rest of your days in total boredom.

    I wish the sales tax was 0%.
  • This wish becomes true, but unfortunately there's a '1' and another '0' in front of that 0% sales tax.
  • Granted, you are now engaged with Adolf Hitler.

  • The wish comes true, the world goes BSHOOO BSHOOO EEEEEE GTRTRRTRT ZAPPO ZAPPO WHOOP WHOOP and demands that this be the official langue of Earth. However the strain of learning and pronouncing this language causes your head to explode and your body to deteriorate and crumble into fine dust. Also you die.

    I wish I understood why my stove currently isn't working.
  • Granted, know understand it completely, but you don't have a clue how to fix it.

    I wish I am just as cool as everyone else here on the forums.
  • Granted, you are now a sweating, bloated loser.

    I wish shipping was free from this store. For everything, even prints.
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