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The Great "I did not receive a response to my ticket" Thread

posted by nikasaur on - last edited - Viewed by 5.5K users
So you didn't hear back from us? That's kinda weird. Sometimes responses fall through the cracks or get snagged by Spam filters, so we'll make sure you get the support you need.

Post here with your ticket number and we'll take a look at it ASAP.

Didn't get an automatic response? Tell us here and we'll search your username for ticket history.
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  • Why is my order of ToMI backordered? issue-30459
  • bvigec;300169 said:
    Why is my order of ToMI backordered? issue-30459
    Because the ToMI DVD isn't finished yet. It's backordered for everybody who bought it. It'll be sent some time this month.
  • Actually, I think there was (or maybe still is) some sort of problem with your mail-outs. I have never received a direct response to support mails (just the automatic ticket reply), all my issues had to go through to the excellent bonnie (you rock! ;) ) here in the forums, and no; they were not eaten by a spam-filter at my end.

    I suggest you check if there could be anything wrong in your SMTP setup that would cause these apparent freak occurrences of trans-dimensional mail delivery.

    - CISC
  • Been afew days and no response. issue-30469. Thank you!
  • tcnuk;285487 said:
    I sent an email back in February that I'd forgotten all about, but I haven't had a reply and it doesn't seem to have been acted on. It's "issue-26680". :) Reply by email if possible, please.
    Still haven't heard on this. This is the third time I've chased this up. Anybody know what's going on?
  • Didn't get a reply regarding issue-30596

    Usually I'd wait longer, but this is regarding the shipping costs of the Monkey Island: Special Edition offer which expires soon. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi.

    I haven't received a response about 'issue-27480' (customs charge on order shipped to the UK). Thanks!

  • Got an email 6 days ago saying "Your order was accidentally overlooked. The distribution center has been beaten severely and has shipped out your case file in another order. You should have it soon." but I've still not received my item and the item status still says "Your order has been submitted to our warehouse and will ship soon. Please check back later for shipping info."
    Just wondering what is going on.
    Thank you!
  • Hi,

    I still haven't received a response to my message, see above.


  • Hey there,

    I send an e-mail to support two times now, but I didn't get an automatic response or any other kind of response to either of them. I have sent several e-mails to support in the past and I never had any trouble with sending or receiving e-mail from you guys. There's nothing in my spam-filter either.

    For the record, my last e-mail was sent on May 12, and that was a copy of the e-mail I sent on May 8. The dates may vary a bit for you because I'm on the other side of the ocean.
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