Cooking tricks; recipes you've invented or good ones you found online?

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Hey, I'm here :smile: While the forum is up I'd like to know if there are any recipes or cooking ideas you've discovered that you'd like to share. I'm still learning and I'd like to know what you guys came up with.

Here's a simple one for starters:

  • Get your favorite box brownie mix (I like to use fudge)

  • Substitute the water with black coffee

  • Substitute the oil with butter

  • Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of chili powder

  • Add anything else you usually like to into brownies and cook as the box says

There you have Mexican brownies. They taste a whole lot better than you'd expect. If you don't want to try it just substituting with butter and coffee is really simple and enhances the flavor of any brownie.

I also made this recipe yesterday and it turned out really good. I know some people don't like Olive Garden but I enjoyed it. It can be a bit rich though with the sauce.


  • Taco flavored Ziti. It’s not so much an invention, but an existing dish with a few kinks. All you really need to do is just add Ortega taco sauce and Borden taco cheese after cooking the ziti over the stove and wham. Personally, I like to add a little bit of ranch on my plate whenever I make this.

  • Why cook when I can just eat chicken?

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    Why cook when I can just eat chicken?

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    One of my favourite things to make is Dragon Noodles by Budget Bytes.

    It's very simple to make, you'd have to try really hard to mess it up. It has a nice spice to it that's not overbearing and the peanuts and meat mixed together taste great. I prefer to swap the pork for beef though. I also sometimes add garlic when I remember to get some because why not.

    I also highly recommend Budget Bytes in general if you're looking for relatively cheap meals to make that are pretty healthy and not too complicated to make. There are also loads variety which is great. I've made a number of meals from the website and haven't been disappointed so far.

  • I'll have you know my first ever comment here was about eating chicken I think I may be his biggest nemises eating his children :-))

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    @AChicken reveals his alt account.

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    Why cook when I can just eat chicken?

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    This is interesting. When microwave oven is dead you can still do popcorn. Pour some oil into a pot, spread on the bottom, add some hard corn seeds. Put pot on a hotplate and wait. When popping ends your popcorn is ready. Add salt or butter if you like. Enjoy.
    I can add a video if someone needs.

  • Marinate your steak in whiskey for a couple hours before serving. The alcohol cooks out but it leaves the steak with a burst of flavor. Add a bit of soy sauce, brown sugar and whatever rub you generally prefer in the marinade before marinating.

    Related and also most likely common knowledge but don't wrap any acidic foods in aluminum foil. The chemical reaction causes bits of the foil to crumble and fall off leaving holes in the foil and something called aluminum salt into the food changing the appearance and possibly giving it a bitter, metallic taste.

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