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Will you replay 'Tales' in 10 years?

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(Note: Please don't turn this into a "I hate Escape" thread)

I first played MI1 when I was 7.

I played MI2 when I was 8.

MI3 I watched the development of, I remember watching the trailer and trying to download the 20MB demo over dial up (I eventually just bought the PC Gamer with the demo on the disc - I still have magazine in a box with LeChuck on the cover). I finally played it when I was 12 or 13 when it came out.

MI4 I remember watching E3 news and being shocked by the first screen shot. I played it the day it came out when I was 15.

Now I'm 24, and I watched the details leak out about Tales from day one and left work early for Episode 1 to be released. Tales came out and I played it. I enjoyed it very much. I play all the first four Monkey Island games at least once a year (yes, even Escape), and I see myself doing do for many years to come. I'm sure many of us are the same way with re-playing these games. I can't count how many times I've played them...But will I play Tales once a year as well? Probably not. I might replay it before season 2 inevitably comes out...but will I see it with the same love and affection of the first four games? No.

I think it has something to do my age now, and nostalgia: wanting to relive part of my child hood. I love the series, and I can't wait for season 2 of Tales. But does Tales hold the same place in my heart? No. Will I add it into my re-play mix of the first four each year? No. Do I see myself still loading it up ten years from now? Probably not.

What do you all think?
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  • I wonder what kind of games TTG will be making in 10 years
  • I'm sure I will. Especially when I get a better computer that can handle the graphics better.

    I replay SMI and LR the most, followed closely by CMI. And I even play EMI when I do my yearly Play Every Monkey Island Game in Order day. So I'm sure I'll be playing Tales 10 years from now too. Probably about as often as CMI.
  • Irishmile;301314 said:
    I wonder what kind of games TTG will be making in 10 years
    Tales of Monkey Island Season 4: The Final Chapter
  • I even replayed EMI, but most of all I replay MI2. I doubt that will change - but I will probably still play ToMI in ten years. Mainly because it's a part of a series, and I'll probably play through the whole series every now and then.
    Hayden;301470 said:
    Tales of Monkey Island Season 4: The Final Chapter: Ron Gilbert's Secret
    fixed :)
  • In ten years, our brains will all be wired directly into the Internet with skintennas and genetically modified dinosaurs will rule the earth.* So, of course I will be playing Tales again!:D

    The dinosaurs will have gotten boring by then.

    *I called it.
  • I think without question (or without unforseen I lose all sense of humor. Or die. Or my wife and I end up having octuplets and can't afford to eat, let alone buy computers. Or Obamacare causes the apocalypse) then yes, I will. It's classic and truly enjoyable, like the first three.
  • I'd play Tales everyday if I could.
  • I reckon I'll still be playing it in 10 years. I enjoyed Tales just as much as a lot of much older adventures games and I'm still playing and loving those ones. :)

    (Hey, I played my first Atari game when I was about 3, and I still play that on emulators every once in a while!)
  • StarEye;301479 said:
    [QUOTE=Hayden;301470]Tales of Monkey Island Season 4: The First Final Chapter: Ron Gilbert's Secret
    fixed :)[/QUOTE]
    Double fixed :D
  • I have replayed it a few times already, so I will definitely play it again in 10 years, and some times in between.

    The game is too good to just be played once and then put on the shelf.
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