Bill Maher Tripled down

Anyone see this?


  • Fuck this dude seriously,what a waste of 6 minutes.

  • Why do you think he's still on this? This has blown up in his face every time.

  • This still about that comic book shit? This dude just says shit to get attention, I couldn't place the name when this went big so I had to google it. It's the same guy who got into some debate with whoever and they offered to let him try working on his farm, and Maher said no, "I'm a house ni****""

    He could have easily said he couldn't do it because he's just another ignorant, old, rich white asshole like everyone he thinks he's standing out from, but he likes the attention.

  • He seems to be fixated on this.

  • I hate this guy and he is SO wrong

  • What he’s saying isn’t even funny. Where are the jokes?

  • He's pretty annoying.

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