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WTF is Grickle / The Puzzle Agent? (next Telltale game)

posted by GTALostHeaven on - last edited - Viewed by 3.6K users
This is the first time Ive heard of Grickle Today, Ive just seen the feature for 'The Puzzle Agent' (aka Grickle) on youtube. Quite frankly Im not a fan of the animation or style , Its got that garry larson farside blandness to it.

I want to be fair and say I'd give it a chance but all my instincts tell me that this game is Bad and a poor choice for telltale

So maybe I havent heard of this before because im from the Uk I just wanted to know peoples thoughts on this next game with a poll
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  • I hope it has voices, but I can live without em
  • I really hope it doesn't have voices. Voices in a Grickle game just...doesn't seem right.
  • Unless they're monkey voices!
  • GinnyN;301289 said:
    I always believed this things were annonymus.

    Now I'm going to think two times first before voting on something...
    The Internet .. 'Home of the brave' :rolleyes:

    and even though I said it looked bad I would of course check out a demo if one would be available im not totally ignorant
  • Irishmile;301295 said:
    I am still kind of on the fence about this one.... I am worried I will not get my $10 worth.
    Then get it AND get $10,- ;).
  • Rather Dashing;301489 said:
    I really hope it doesn't have voices. Voices in a Grickle game just...doesn't seem right.
    I'm not sure about this, but I think you can turn the voices off and just use the subtitles (or in this case: text balloons) in every Telltale game so far. I've never tried playing it without voices, but there you go.

    I don't know if I want Nelson to talk or not. It would be odd for a character like that to have an actual human voice, but then again, everything about this project so far has been (pleasantly) odd. Maybe the characters all talk in some sort of Animal Crossing-like gibberish. That would make it easier to localize the game at least.
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    Shauntron Telltale Staff
    puzzlebox;301288 said:
    Heh, I like all the TTG people who've voted "Looks Great"! :p
    This video game looks great and I'm going to buy it and tell all my friends to buy it. It's great. Buy it.

  • Alcoremortis;301490 said:
    Unless they're monkey voices!
    I would not mind at all if the monkey screech made a cameo appearance.
  • I notice Jake didn't vote "Looks Great!" Maybe he wants to wait and give it a chance, or maybe...gasp!...he thinks it looks BAD! :eek:
  • I could see this game with mumbled nonsense speech (similar to the adults on Peanuts cartoons, or the LEGO games or Raving Rabbids), with the inflections showing the mood of the speaker. Saves on localisation costs too.
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