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Mojo website is gone! [domain name expired]

posted by OzzieMonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 765 users
I just checked and it came up with what I have uploaded a picture of. What's going on?
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  • definitely not working. people who do see something might be loading it from the cache. try doing CTRL + F5
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I like how you guys are all reading the thread before replying... oh wait, that's the opposite of what's happening.

    The domain name expired but it is being renewed. The site should be back up soon.
  • Holy funk, Mojo is down! I wish Jake would comment on that.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I think it was hacked.
  • Guys, I checked, the site is down. If only someone would clear this up and clarify what's going on... seems kinda rude that nobody has said anything about this yet. I'm assuming the server has exploded.

    (Yeah, I stole Majus' joke. But then so did your face - burn)
  • Fealiks;300792 said:
    Guys, I checked, the site is down.
    No, I assure you the site is quite well and UP. There's just no domain (at least not pointing at it currently.

    That's like saying an island vanished off the face of the earth just because the only bridge to it collapsed... :D

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  • same difference if we can't get to it.

    someone should put a redirect for that domain that points to this:

  • Chyron8472;300862 said:
    same difference if we can't get to it.
    See, that's the fun thing - if someone posted the correct (i.e. old) IP address of the server everyone could (temporarily, until this is resolved) throw a line like


    into their hosts file and get to the server just fine.

    If, on the other hand, the server were just a smoldering heap that wouldn't be possible...

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  • it's back to working for me woo!
  • Of course it is. DNS caches rarely take longer than a day to refresh. For most people the bad entries were probably only there for about 12 hours.
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