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Which game do you think had the best story?

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Simply taking into account story, plot points, and character development and not the graphics or puzzles, which game do you think was the best in that department?
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  • ToMI, which isn't that surprising seeing they went more for the "cinematic" experience, while the first 4 MI's were just trying to be pure adventure games. And thus not willingly made the story "suffer" a bit for a few additional mindbreakers...
    Anyways, who voted for Escape??
    I can guess, but that probably makes people tell me I'm a troll... *hint hint*
  • I voted for SOMI because i always was looking forward of what will happen next. I remember thinking that when i got back from Monkey Island feeling a little dissapointed that the game was over. I felt the story was too short and that something should have been added. But still SOMI is what started everything people wanted to pillage, and attack boats and stuff like that. And even though that didnt happened, the story held it all together.
  • I liked the Tales storyline most. Really exciting, always looking forward to solving the next big puzzle to find out what would happen next; the storytelling aspect was very well done too, which helps.

    LeChuck's Revenge comes in a very close second though. That was another one that always kept me very interested in what would happen to the characters. I did feel it had a few slightly weak moments in the storyline though, but overall I really liked it.
  • Secret has a classic story, but Tales' storyline is more complex and intriguing.
  • It's between Secret, Revenge, and Tales. Secret feels like a pretty classic Errol Flynn pirate film, Revenge is a bit more complex but no less clean-cut, and Tales really has you "aware" of the narrative at all times in a way that Curse, Escape, and even Secret at times simply does not.

    Curse and Escape, um, kind of abandoned the story for the vast majority of the game.
  • I voted for Tales. Ask me again tomorrow and I probably will have changed my mind. :p
  • In case anyone cares, I went with Revenge, though Tales is close and I'm glad to see the general opinion seems to follow my split.
  • It was a hard choice, but I went with Tales, mainly due to the last two chapters, which were just amazing in my opinion.
  • Revenge all the way. Epic cinematographic story and so piratey.
  • LeChuck's Revenge. The story consisted of getting four map pieces (among other things), and each of them had a story behind them that you learnt along the way, were subtly hinted at. Plus, the whole game was filled with puzzles that were directly related to the story, unlike so many other games. You knew all the time WHY you had to do this and that puzzle, or overcome that obstacle. This isn't so much the case anymore with modern adventures.

    Secret was the same, really, in terms of puzzles. Heck, most of the MI games had this - and this was what makes the games so damn fun to play, even for the twentieth time. You're not playing through a collection of puzzles, you're playing through a story. In Monkey Island, the story IS the gameplay, while in modern adventures, the story is in the background, while the gameplay is almost entirely disconnected. They're like two different entities.
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