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Technical Wishlist (not gameplay related stuff...mostly)

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I've really enjoyed what I have played of season one so far, but here's what I would like to see changed in season two:

1) It seems the splash screen that comes up when you double click a season has no option but to launch the game. This is annoying if you accidentally open the icon, or like in my case this morning: I saw that my download of episode six was done, and I proceeded to install it while checking my mail before work. After it was done installing, that splash screen came up to launch the game. Since I couldn't close it, I figured I'd just launch the game and then quit. Unfortunately, I was also forced to watch the entire opening sequence before I could quit. It tacked on about an extra ten minutes to what I was doing. A simple 'x' close button in the corner would be appreciated for when that splash screen comes up and I don't want to play right that minute.

2) Having six different icons for each season clutters things up. I'd like to see a single "Sam and Max" launcher, and then I either pick which episode I want from an in-game menu, or from a unified splash screen to replace the one that each episode currently has (which will have an 'x' close button, right?). :p

3) Sam and Max apparently does not support wide screen resolutions. With wide screen laptops being so popular, and wide screen LCDs becoming more and more prevalent on desktops, I hope that season two supports wide screen resolutions. I don't really care about the cut scenes taking up the whole screen (I know a lot of that is direction and 'framing'), but it feels silly to have to click twenty times to get Sam in front of Bosco's when I have two inches of blank screen that could cut the clicks in half. Which brings me to my final wish:

4) Click & hold movement. This really seems to be an annoyance only on the wide, scrolling areas in the game. But as I said in point three, it's annoying to click a bunch. Especially when I walk up to Bosco's and accidentally hit the gumball machine. Then of course Sam comments on it's contents... again.

Season one has been great, I'm really looking forward to the sixth episode. I'll likely buy season two reguardless, but changing the above points I think would make me (and I imagine quite few other people) enjoy the experience even more.
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  • My wishlist is: double sized download files (which would suggest: more locations, more dialogue/puzzles/story, better sound compression, maaaaaaybe better graphics). :D That's not too much to ask, is it? OK, I'll stop now ¬¬.
  • I think speed of getting arround is an issue so (at least give the option for):
    • Double clicking on an exit to leave straight away,
    • Double clicking to run somewhere,
    • Right clicking to skip past action sequences as well as dialogue
    • as well as the click and hold movement as described above.
    Also right click to look would be neat -
    • it would need a little more descriptive audio, but could provide clues in a neat way
    • you could look at objects with out moving
    • even perhaps a way of looking arround if you right click where there are no objects and drag. It could be limited to prevent people realising the lack of detail accross the road from the office etc...
    I agree with the widescreen, and launcher surgestions, but also - if you fail to activate the game - don't just lauch the demo!
  • David Giles;30165 said:
    • Right clicking to skip past action sequences as well as dialogue
    Dialogue can be skipped by right clicking already. It also works on some action sequences, depending on what's going on.
  • All I really miss is mouse capture, since i have to be careful not to move the mouse too far to the right or it goes onto the next monitor and the game minimizes
  • David Giles;30165 said:

    [*]Double clicking on an exit to leave straight away

    [*]Double clicking to run somewhere
    These are great suggestions!
  • MrSneeze;30166 said:
    Dialogue can be skipped by right clicking already. It also works on some action sequences, depending on what's going on.
    You misunderstand me - the suggestion was for right clicking to skip action, as already happens with dialogue.
  • That's not a good idea, you could miss out on some important stuff if you accidentally right click.. I'd rather have the same system as in old Lucasarts games where you can skip stuff by pressing both mouse buttons at the same time.
  • *Higher-quality audio files for speech.

    Emily hinted on the blog that they're looking into a system for quick replacement of sound files, so while we may not see it for the Season 1 DVD, we might see it in the future.
  • The right click look function already mentioned.. YES OH GOD YES!
    the clicking and walking doesn't bug me too much to be honest.. it's a staple of point and click adventure games.. the easier option is using a keyboard system like Grim Fandango etc, it would work given the 3d nature of the game after all.

    Also, if there are going to be more driving scenes.. perhaps some keyboard stuff there? I expected it to go into full keyboard mode like GTA or something not click... it was a bit odd to get used to and a little slow on my pc to react to my clicks.

    Widescreen? bah.. I'm still stubbornly using a 17' CRT screen and damnit! I WILL GET ANOTHER! my VGA cable is well... broken.. and I hate LCD screens (don't even talk to me about them damnit, i'm an artist and the colour resolution is WRONG)
  • I guess I might contribute a gameplay-related issue to the list, despite the subject line.

    * More minigames with more depth

    It's become clear that the puzzles in an episodic release simply can't have the same depth as a single full-length game, so it makes sense to augment the gameplay experience with some form of skill-based minigame, which would also have the added bonus of increasing replayability (and therefore "value") - something that's been lacking from adventure games of any duration.
    As far as adding more depth to the minigames, that's a trickier subject. Of course, everyone here should remember Carbomb from Hit the Road.) I was disappointed that driving around aimlessly in the first episode didn't have some sort of minigame aspect to it.
    These wouldn't even necessarily have to be integrated into the story, but usually these sorts of things are done in a way that you have to at least get a minimum score to progress with the story, but you can go back and play for fun if you want.
    Suggestions that I could make would be things like some form of Hangman with Sam-and-Max related words, a shooting gallery (like the HtR end credits), a diving minigame on the street where you might have to jump over, drive around, or shoot certain obstacles, any sort of old-school arcade game on Bluster Blaster would be a shoe-in, and I'm trying to think of a way a DDR-style response game would work, but can't really come up with anything right now.
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