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  • I love how much effort Telltale is putting in to please old time fans. :) I think I remember another reference... Oh, the phone number of the white house telephone is 555-1984. Not quite a reference, but...
  • This is kind of an obscure one, but if you look at the old case file box repeatedly in ep. 6, the dialogue is a lot like what you get when you repeatedly try to make Sam pick up something un-pick-up-able in HtR.
  • you can try to stuck the hundred trillion into jimmys rathole in episode 6

    sam says....... "That rathole is nit FDIC insured"
  • I noticed the wrench reference too! um.. lesse.. the poster for the sequal to swan lake and the comment "sequals to much love classics are always better than the originals!" or something to that effect.. oh how I giggled.
  • Oh, c'mon. You know he doesn't curse. He said so himself.
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