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Monkey Island collaboration

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 78 users
I noticed in the Offical Art thread that there is an Outstanding bunch of creative artists and dedicated fans to the Monkey Island.

i recently saw on a site called Newgrounds (for people who dont know,its a flash animation site) and saw a street fighter collaboration, with different artists around the world making small animated clips in one piece.

it gave me an idea, that we have so many talented people on here, that we can make our own collaboration, maybe have a small story tie-in for each clip, like a mini Tales of monkey Island, or have random storys, and maybe if some arnt as good at Flash animation we could ask Majus creator of I Wonder what happens series to help out, after all he is a Mighty Animator :D

or maybe if flash animation aint a good idea,maybe we can make something else artistic we can all work together on

I dunno what you reckon guys, is it a good idea, or am i talking out my backside lol
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  • I started 2 MI projects, they were supposed to be games. The fault here is that people love the idea, but loose interest over time :) If you want to do this, make sure that your wish is high but your expectations are low.

    I'll gladly provide original soundtrack if you need it ;) Good luck!
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