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Sam And Max The Devils Penthosue Subtitles

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Sam And Max The Devils Penthosue Subtitles

Hi, i need find the texts of subtitles in the S&MDP, I unpack the english.langdb file but not match with the dialogs of game. If anybody know the file of the subs, please tellme. ;)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    No threads about modifying/unpacking Telltale game data on our forum please.

    Also, "Devil's Penthouse?" Are you sure you should be the one trying to localize this?

    1) Please don't do whatever you're doing.

    2) If you must do whatever it is, do not discuss it on the Telltale site. We can't allow it legally, and we don't really like the talks going on anyway.

    Closing this now. Thanks!
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