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More stuff to plunder? Chapter 2 Challange

posted by huntress tine on - last edited - Viewed by 755 users
Yes, I have to admit that I am lost again. Runnning allover the Island and crawling in every corner I am to blind to find the spot where
I did not collected everything collectable already.
So, I had to ask for help again, ore as Elaine would say: a sticky sweet Please with Marshmallows.
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  • huntress tine;303471 said:
    YI am to blind to find the spot where
    Where what?

    Kind of hard to help if you don't specify the issue...
  • Sorry for not being exact. What I intend to say is: The MerLeader asked me to sink the ship of the poxed Pirate Captain, and Guybrush said that I should look for more stuff to plunder. Unfortunately I have not the slightest idea where to get the stuff I need to sink the ship of the Pirate that had hostaged the MerLeader; Mc Gillity or so is his name i think.
    Hope this was more clear to describe the position of the game where I am in trouble.
  • Thank You!
    I am in chapter 3 now. Yippiiii!
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