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Funniest moments - Bright side of the moon

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this is a dual purpose thread....... what are your favorite moments from bright side of the moon, and from season one as a whole (including the machinima shorts)

i superballs return is my favorite part of episode 6, but the cops return rates righ as well........

and my favorite shorts were interrogation and artichoke

but episodes 4 and 5 are still my favorites...... due to the political, and video game culture humor

episode 6 seemed to lack a theme..... they touched on the space program, cults, big buissness, but no overall theme....... i think that is why i did not kike it as much as a whole

but without a doubt, episode 6 has some of the best humor of the entire season....

Sam: "Ramdom but innocus comment"
Max: "Unrelated reply that hints at mental instability"
Sam: "you crack me up little buddy"
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  • Trying to get everyone to rub the unicorn was funny, especially giving it to Abe while on the moon, the looks they give to each other back and forth was hilarious. There's some good stuff there to try again, must try and do it all over again
  • there was some line abt them going on vacation because it feels like they've been working on this case for 7 months :D
  • ok, i added a few more items to the play it again list....... it is complete now

    check it out and have fun
  • Sam: Want to touch my unicorn?
    Jimmy: Beat it!
    Max: No, just touch it.

    ROFLMAO. And I thought this was a family show (as Hugh says later)
  • A few evident nods to the moon landing conspiracy. Waving flag, no crater below the Lander.

    “Only you can help stop moon fires”
    “If you see a moon yak, make yourself look big, then run screaming like a sissy girl.”
    “Beer ‘eh”
    Impeach MAX posters.
    Budget on the dart board.
  • For me it had to be the C.O.P.s big build up introduction to their "next gen game" only to find out it was (well if you played you know)
  • Most of you guys have said them already but I'm going to go through a list of my personal favorite moments. In no particular order.

    All of the unicorn jokes, although they are extremely inappropriate. I especially liked Superball's reaction. "Are you a level-red prismatologist yet?" "Uh, not re-" "Then no!"

    When you check out the spoon bending talisman, and Harry tells you about the case, and how it's "virutally indestructable". Sam goes over to touch the case, and Harry says, "Don't touch it, you might break it!"

    Max asking if the peanut butter on the spoon bending talisman was still there after the lunar lander rocket hit it.

    The "Non-sequitir" dialogue option: "Random but innocuous comment" "Response that hints at mental instability" "You crack me up, little buddy"

    Max finally taking out his anger at Hugh Bliss, "Hi, I'm Hu-" "STOP SAYING THAT!"

    I've still got more but I've got to go.
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