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Countdown to episode 2

posted by aHartzell Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 10.2K users
Hi, all. This is Andy Hartzell, writer and lead designer for episode two of "The Devil's Playhouse." As you can see from my pitiful post history, I haven't properly acquired the forum habit yet. But I promise to visit regularly for at least the next month or two.

So let's see...what can I tell you about the upcoming installment? You know it's called "The Tomb of Sammun-Mak", and you've guessed that it involves the mysterious objects that were revealed in the final moments of "The Penal Zone". I can tell you that it's going to be a big episode and a twisty one, a tale that ranges widely in time and space. Like episode 1, this one throws a few new ingredients into the Telltale stew, but the flavor of this one is a bit different. Less oregano, more...cumin. And clove.

There, is that enigmatic enough? Please feel free to post any questions or speculations you may have, and I promise to respond promptly with cryptic non-answers.
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  • Avel;305857 said:
    It's supposed to, but sometimes it glitches.
    Yeah, I figured it out. If you load a saved game where you have used future vision on everything, it will cause the playing cards and rhinoplasty to start floating inside the wall of the cave, instead of being in Skunkape's hand, which also causes the max flaming head thing to not work.
  • The Highway;296892 said:
    His name is actually Mack Salmon, so it actually doesnt sound that much like Sammun-Mak, which sounds more like Sam & Max. Also Mack Salmon doesn't start with an S.
    I think the point is that Mack Salmon sounds like "Max, Sam and", i.e. a reversal of their name. So therefore "Sammun-Mak" which sounds like "Sam and Max" would also sound like Mack Salmon reversed. See?
  • It justs sounds so overly complicated and in and out, and I'm about 99.7% certain that Sammun Mak is meant to reflect Sam & Max, and not Salmon, Mack
  • Kroms;300325 said:
    I prefer that didn't happen. It ruins the suspension of disbelief.
    What, and you find everything else in the world believeable?

    Have you taken the time to look around the scenery from inside Max's head?

    Are you Max?
  • The Highway;305957 said:
    It justs sounds so overly complicated and in and out, and I'm about 99.7% certain that Sammun Mak is meant to reflect Sam & Max, and not Salmon, Mack
    Yeah I wasn't trying to suggest there's a connection. It's just that because Mack Salmon was always meant to sound like "Max, Sam and" - it's just pure coincidence that people think Sammun Mak is a reference.
  • oh, yeah, i get where your coming from now
  • Joop;303918 said:
    I guess the difference by Newton's and U.S. units can be explained best by a man of science!
    I'd forgotten those clips, saw those episodes years ago. "This man is a genius!" ROFL
  • The Highway;305850 said:
    bigger? sweet
    Indeed. I try to think outside the box.

    The trailer looks fantastic. Mr. Paperweight over there looks like he could just turn into one of my favorite minor characters.
  • Paperweight has a fez, correct? AWESOME. Now he just needs a turban, and he's ma wrinkly coach z (or do i mean renaldo?)
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    Papier Waite -_- xD
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